Halloween Haunt Bags 2013

Hi everyone! I can’t believe summer is gone, and fall is almost upon us! Every September I start getting really excited about fall, and all that it brings! I love the weather, the falling leaves, the pumpkin scented EVERYTHING, and for the only time during the year, both my home AND my wardrobe are “in style”. No need to decorate the BVG house for Halloween, it is “decorated” all year for my favorite holiday!

As many of you know, I make Treat Bags for the kids, but this year, I took it up a notch, and have teamed up with my dear friend Jinx over at MT Coffinz, to have some “character specific” bags available. These bags will be LIMITED, as my normal production load is still really heavy. **UPDTE** custom slots for the character bags will be open until about the second week of October. There are not set amounts of bags, or deadlines. If you would like to order, shoot me an e-mail!!  As always, I will be listing the normal “Haunt Bags” with Halloween-themed prints, and a reflective tape strip on the bottom corner. Those will all be listed as ready to ship bags, and will not be available as a custom item this year, and will be available on the Facebook page.

spiderman star trek TARDIS

The “Character Haunt Bags” will not be listed in the Etsy shop, I will taking pre-orders by sending invoices through Paypal. Paypal allows you to not only pay through your Paypal account, but it also allows for credit payment without having an account. All of the custom “Character Haunt Bags” will be 25$, with 3$ shipping in the domestic U.S.* The bags will be a layer of quality colored cotton on the outside, another lining cotton layer, and nylon webbing straps. In the bottom corner of one side, there will be a character specific patch from MT Coffinz.

*International orders for these custom bags will only be accepted until the last week of September, to ensure delivery by Halloween.

Above are examples of some of the bags that can be created with the patches, but there are loads of options available.

For example:

Batman: Black outer, yellow lining, yellow straps, Batman logo
TARDIS: Royal blue outer, white lining, black straps, TARDIS patch

Robin: Primary green bag, red straps, yellow lining, Robin logo patch

S.H.I.E.L.D: Black bag, grey straps, grey lining, S.H.I.E.L.D logo patch
Rainbow Dash: Light blue bag, rainbow straps, white lining, Rainbow Dash Cutie mark

***PLEASE NOTE*** I will not be able to have Jinx create custom patches, she is limited to what she is able to embroider, and what it available to her. For a better idea as to what patches are available, please visit her embroidery shop, which is here. There may be some additional logos available, but not many, as she is also smack in the middle of her busy season.

Which brings me to the NEXT point! If you are not sure what you will be dressing as for Halloween, I would HIGHLY suggest heading over to the MTCoffinz shop. She has been making amazing cosplay items recently, and the Character Haunt Bags would be the PERFECT accessory to her awesome creations. I will be rockin’ one this year (once Gory decides what we are going as collectively as a family), and they have been seen at comic conventions ALL year, on many high-profile cosplayers! They are extremely well made, and will last for many Halloweens to come! She also has a very popular Facebook fan page, where her new designs are released first.


For ordering the FIRST round of 30 Character bags, pleas follow these instructions:

1. E-mail information about your bag to brooke@brookevangory.com
Outer bag color:
Inner lining color:
Strap color (if available):

Patch image:

e-mail address to send invoice to:

2. If all of the information you requested is available, an invoice will be sent, and no additional information will be needed.
3. If some colors/images you have requested are NOT available, or there is a question about your request, I will be contacting you via the e-mail you sent the request from within 24 hours.

The first round of Character Haunt Bags will open NOW, and will be open until September 13th. The second round will open on September 27th, and will close October 4th. Both of these openings will close earlier if the 30 bag limit has been met, so t is better to get your order in NOW, then risk not getting a slot. Your bag is ONLY guaranteed once payment HAS BEEN MADE. All invoices must be paid within 24 hours of receipt, then they will be voided, and your slot will remain open to others.

Any questions? As always, feel free to e-mail be at brooke@brookevangory.com


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