The Brooke Van Gory 2nd annual Random Acts of Kindness Event.

This event was so amazing, and so overwhelmingly spectacular and magical last year, how could I not do it again? I decided late in 2011, that since Brooke van Gory was doing so well as a company, that I wanted to give back. I wanted to give back to my customers, to my fans, to the people that had supported me for years, and I even wanted to give back to people I didn’t even know.

I have a hard time come the holiday season getting out of the house. It is mostly because I am slamming away at my sewing machines. While I am not out and about, that also means, I am not around to commit random acts of kindness. I love tossing a few bucks to a mom who is short in the grocery line. Helping people load their cars in the parking lot, telling people I hope they have a beautiful, rainbow filled day. I love dishing out smiles, giving a helping hand, or bringing a bowl of warm soup to a neighbor that is home alone. To me, spreading kindness is what makes me happy, it is what makes me keep going.

But I can’t do all that, when I am in the studio sewing up awesome for all of you, I need your help!

I am counting on all of you to be the Brooke Van Gory team of awesome kindness. I am dubbing you all “The Brooke Van Gory Ambassadors of Cheer”. It is up to YOU to lend that helping hand, to help a stranger in need, to offer up a meal to a neighbor that you know is home alone. Offer to volunteer at the local YMCA, donate some canned goods at the local food pantry, sign up to take your kids to visit a nursing home to do some caroling. I want you ALL to do this, do it for me, because I feel like I cannot do it all myself.

From right this second, through the end of the year, for every single act of kindness that you commit, I want you to toss a comment on the Brooke Van Gory Facebook wall. Every single one. Every car window scraped, every bag carried to the parking lot, every helping hand reached out to your fellow man, I wanna know. I want to know, because I want to be there too, sharing in the joy that I know spreading kindness gives you.

Every post to the BVG wall will be one entry into the giveaway. I have a team of helpers to keep track of all entries. It is my hope, that everyone that sees these random acts of kindness will be moved enough to commit their OWN act of kindness. This contest is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

I want this year to become contagious with KINDNESS!!!!!!

Now, about these prizes……..

How this works, is I have a collection of four amazing prizes. At the end of the contest, I will choose ONE winner, and only one winner will be chosen by me. That winner will pick what prize they want, and will then in turn, commit one last act of kindness in this contest. That first winner will choose a second winner out of all of the entries on the wall, someone that inspires THEM. That person will then choose out of the remaining 3 prizes, and choose ANOTHER winner to choose out of the remaining 2 prizes, and so on, until we have four winners!!!!! So even in winning, you are still paying it forward, and giving to someone else!

The four prizes are nothing short of amazing this year, as I have teamed up with my special friend Christine from Rachel Rene. The prizes, in no particular order, are as follows:

orange owls1

A CUSTOM Brooke Van Gory Expedient Bag.  (This excludes bags made with premium fabric)


Rachel Rene Deluxe Bath and Body Basket. This set includes a Pink Cupcake Vegan Deodorant, Black Raspberry Bubble Bar, Butterfly Kisses Handmade Soap Bar, Bourbon Vanilla Body Mousse 2oz Jar, Spiced Orange & Clove Exfoliating Body Cleanser 2oz Jar, and a Buttercream Frosting Vegan Lip Balm. I use ALL of these products, and I love every single one of them!

mix tapes

BVG Mama Morton Set in Mix Tapes and Music Notes theme.


Facial Care Set from Rachel Rene. This set includes Velvet Face cream, a Dead Sea Black Mud Facial Soap, and an Antioxidant Aloe Toner. This set comes with a BVG waterproof Glamour Case in a fun floral print!

I am super excited about this contest, and I hope all of you are, as well. Remember, there is NO limit to the amount of times you can enter, but every entry must be a different act of kindness! So get out there, and BE AWESOME! BE AMAZING! Spread love, hope, and joy to everyone you meet! Let your spirit be CONTAGIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “The Brooke Van Gory 2nd annual Random Acts of Kindness Event.

  1. What an absolutely fantastic idea! You are just so amazing, if we all thought more about what kindness we could for others instead of demanding unreasonable things or feeling entitled to so much… the world would be a better place!

  2. you’re an amazing woman/mom/seamstress! i like to hide behind the scenes and do my acts secretly…i hope you get some great response from this event!!!! ❤

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