My Handmade Black Friday.

Black Friday makes me sick this year. All of these poor retail workers having to be on the clock on THANKSGIVING evening. It is insane. People causing bodily harm to get a good deal, people waiting in long lines. Totally bonkers, and really, it scares me. I might be a little different then a lot of people, because even though my kiddos DO get some items under the tree each year that are store-bought, I try my hardest to do handmade or small business purchases when I can. And I do. A lot. And mostly on-line in the quiet of my own home, in my jammies.

Here is a quick list of sales some of my dear friends are having this weekend. Please take a minute to think handmade, think small business, and think local. Let’s help give this economy a leg-up folks, support small business this year and give handmade detail, not corporate retail!

Rachel Rene Bath and Body

15% off everything through Monday (My Etsy cart is already loaded for her sale. She has BUBBLE BARS!!!!!!!)

Cute and Sweet Cafe

30% off black friday – blkfri2012 code

These Cute N Sweet charms are SCENTED! **dies**

Sock Punky

25% off with code PUNKTHEHALLS (We have a sock punky, and Gory LOVES LOVES him!!!!)

Madd Style Cosmetics <— All orders from BVG get a FREE pigment sample from MSC while supplies last!


BLACK FRI: 20% off store! GWP with every order!! Deluxe new shadow sample with orders under US $50.00. FULL SIZE new shadow with orders over US $50.00.

GWP is based off of order total AFTER discount is applied.

FRI-MON: Free US and Can shipping on orders over US $25.00 with code: BLACKCYBER
CYBER MON: 15% off entire store. 3/US $10.00 shadows are back!!

Ruffled and Punk

Black Friday – 25% off with coupon code BFRIDAY12
Small Biz Saturday – 30% off with code SBS12 + free matching rosette headband/clip
Cyber Monday – 15% off with code CMONDAY12
“Screen Buster” sales all weekend!

I don’t even have the words to describe the cute here………

Julian Bean (aka the only hats my kids will wear)

KILLER deals on knitted hats, scarves, and cowls on her Facebook page!

Rocky The Zombie

Rhiannon is tossing up codes all weekend on the Facebook Fan Page


Sales on various items in her shop all weekend, and she also has a deals album on the Facebook page.

Everything Jinx makes is pure win. Especially when it is rainbows!

Poppy’s Wicked Garden

10 percent off and $10 gift certificate if you spend $50

Poppy makes Geek Girls look AMAZING. True story!

Kalliope Creations

Get Your Buttons

(Both owned and run by my friend Natalie! I love getting hair goodies from her for my little niece!)

30% off with code BLACKFRIDAY

Deranged Designs

Check out this WHOLE PAGE of killer deals on woman’s clothing!!

Zombie Marilyn dress? YES PLEASE!!!!!


5$ off all RTS Ruggles with FREE SHIPPING through Monday

HEY SANTA!! If you are reading this, *I* want this Ruggle for ME this Christmas!!!!

2 of Mind and Spirit

**Look closely, and you will see BVG scraps in this shop! 😀

15% off the entire shop with code BF2012


5 thoughts on “My Handmade Black Friday.

  1. Nothing like awesome online sales from awesome handmade sellers!

    I’ve only experienced Black Friday once in the US, and it was SO NOT my thing! I can’t deal with crazy crowds…

  2. Every year I say I’m not going out in the madness, and every year my Mom and brother talk me into it. I hardly ever buy anything. I do ALL of my holiday shopping online with handmade sellers and the occasional item from Amazon. I hate crowds.

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