BVG is Making a Big Move!

Hey everyone! First a little plug for the BVG newsletter. Over on the sidebar over there ——> You can sign up to have news, progress pictures, coupons, and deals e-mailed directly to you. I also update in the newsletter about upcoming sales, and all of that jazz.

All of that was a “buffer” for this post, that I never really wanted to write, but have to. Kinda like starting off a bad conversation with “You know how I really, really, really love you, and want to spend the rest of my life with you!?!??!?!?” then finish up with “I ran over your bass guitar with my car on accident!”

I have been on Artfire for a little over 2 years now. I loved it for most of those two years, and I even talked to a ton of you about making a switch to Artfire from Etsy. The monthly fee was SUPER affordable, their customer support was awesome, and I was happy being an Artfire shop. At the beginning of this year, they even had me on the “Artist Spotlight” and I was so honored. Then slowly, over the course of this year, things started to change. And it was NOT good. I will outline some of the biggest issues for you, but there were many over the past year that were not so much of “issues” as they were “annoyances”. Then again, you have glitches no matter WHERE you sell.

– Artfire began having difficulty supporting the amount of traffic my shop generated during a large ready-to ship stocking. Their servers would lag, and once, they even crashed.

– All of my referral links for the shop were generated from Facebook. SO that means that ALL people visiting my shop were sent there by ME from my Facebook page. No one EVER landed there by chance, or from a search.

– Artfire would glitch, and toss all of my listings out of the categories I had placed them in, re-list sold items without me knowing, and change item prices spontaneously.

– They essentially lost almost ALL larger sellers, because their traffic, and quality of sellers on their site were negligible. Not like I have anything against homespun-crafts, but I feel that selling my diaper bags alongside stuffed teddy bears dipped in scented wax is a bit bizarre, and weird.

– They started doing weird things with their site, like having items shared from your shop to FB, Twitter, Pinterest ect. would make sounds like a slot machine, and become a game. Sorry, but my business is NOT a game, and I refuse to ever pretend like it is one.

Of course, there were other issues, but they were mostly minor, and did not irk me enough to leave. Until today. Today, as the “featured seller” there was a woman that rescued a swan. Now, before you all start yelling about how I am insensitive, and whatever else…… this is supposed to be a blog showing featured sellers. It should be about their SHOP, the items they create, their art, their craft, what they are selling, ect. Instead, we get… a rescued swan. Let’s just call it the swan that broke the camel’s back, shall we?

You all know, being professional is my #1 priority when it comes to BVG. It always has been, it always be. I pride myself on the quality, and craftsmanship of my work, but how am I to take a site seriously when it’s most recent post is an artist spotlight about an injured swan? And my items are being re-listed after they have been sold, I have casino sounds bombarding me when I pin a new listing, or share it on Facebook, and my site crashed when too many people view it?

Image from Meagan Adele Lopez

I feel I owe it myself and my customers to do better. To provide a better shopping experience with Brooke Van Gory, to showcase my bags and other items in a proper marketplace, where it will show up in a search. Brooke Van Gory is the #1 selling handmade custom diaperbag on the market. I am geared towards cloth diapering parents, and there is a HUGE number of those parents on Etsy. I want to make BVG known to them. Not only because I desire it as a business owner, but I want to re-connect with a customer base that helped myself as an artist get started.

I now some of you may be concerned about prices, and as of right now, pricing will generally stay the same. I, like any business owner, will evaluate those as needed. Etsy also offers an option for direct check-out without the use of Paypal, which I know many of you will love. I really want to offer the best of what I have to offer to you all, and I feel the only way for me to do that, is to make a move.

As of November 1st, I will slowly begin transitioning items from Artfire over to the Etsy shop. This may take some time, and the Artfire shop will remain open for the time being, but any NEW stockings of bags will happen on Etsy. I also would love to hear YOUR opinions on this subject. Please feel to e-mail me, message me, or comment here if you have any questions or concerns.


11 thoughts on “BVG is Making a Big Move!

  1. I’m very sorry to hear the trouble you’ve been having but have to say as a recent fan I really did not like Artfire at all. I found it very inconvenient to search and find anything. I am very happy that you will be switching to Etsy:) Hope it works out better for you.

      • Ahh it won’t let me reply again so i am writing it here. Both of my websites are bigcartel shops and since I am international I can’t do direct checkout anyway. What you could do is make a shop on your site too even just the lowest cost one with site integration and put only custom items since you would need the funds in advance for supplies. It may be confusing at first but having a shop on your site really does help because when you get sales there you aren’t paying the fees on there.

  2. Whats kinda ridiculous is I’ve come to your shop dozens of times from a search engine (usually google) and it doesn’t show that to you, so that stat is basically a lie. Not by you, but by the Artfire people.

    I’m happy to see you still staying around. Etsy is SO much easier to use from a buyers perspective, and I hope you get more business this way.

    If you ever want your own domain hosted shop, I can totally help you out.

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