Shop update…This week Fueled by LOTS of Coffee!

Hey everyone! I have a ton of really exciting stuff going in the studio this week, some of which are firsts for BVG! This is also the first week back to school for my oldest kiddo. This year he is in 7th grade! He turned 12 over the summer, and needless to say, living with a pre-teen has been interesting, to say the least. We are in a constant state of shock as to how quickly and LARGE he is growing (I just bought a pair of men’s 11.5 shoes for him!), and all of the fun “changes” that go along with becoming a full-blown teenager has been keeping up on our toes. 😉

Going back to school, however, has been a challenge for me, since I have to now wake up at 6am with my toddler, to get everyone in the car to get E to school. When you normally sew until about 2am every morning, this becomes a situation with serious lack of sleep. So until I find a good balance between school/work/sleep I will just be fueled by lots and lots of coffee and the occasional energy drink. 😉

A bunch of people over on the Facebook page have been asking about ready to ship bags vs. custom bags, and how do they know when I am posting progress pictures which is which.  I do toss up progress pictures of most of what hits my machines, and lately, a bunch have been ready to ship items, because I am working on stocking my shop for the holiday season. In all reality, this might not work well for me, but that is only because you all grab the items as I list them! LOL! All items that are ready to ship will be posted well beforehand in a separate Facebook album well before the actual stocking!


The next stocking will be on Saturday September 1st at noon. This stocking will HUGE and will include the new Madolyn Market Bags, a large assortment of both Velmas and Roxies, as well as one or two Mama Morton sets, and a slew of Mini-Minkercheifs! I was aiming at getting some regular size bags in there as well, but those might have to wait a week or so.

Also this week, a WHOLE load of Madolyn Market Bags made it’s way to a special photographer friend, who will be taking beautiful shop pictures for me! I am pretty excited, because not only are the pictures going to be amazing, but the market bags are AWESOME! I am seriously in love with them!!!

What are you looking to grab during the next stocking? Have you been looking for me to stock something specific? Please leave me a comment here, or on the Facebook page!


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