Shopping for Teens- Mudd Slinger Ceramics and Crafts

The owner of Mudd Slinger, Brandy, is one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Not only is she the amazingly talented creator behind Mudd Slinger, but she is also AMAZINGLY gorgeous. Every time I see a new picture of her (she does makeup tutorials over on Youtube) my jaw kinda drops a little bit. This girl needs to be on magazine covers.

Her colorful appearance, and personality really shine through in her artwork. She is a very talented sculptor, clay artist, heck…she really does it all! The reason that I chose her for the shopping for teens post, is because her items really speak to a younger, more carefree soul. NOT to say that others cannot rock a MSC piece. Last June, for my grandma’s 97th birthday, I commissioned Brandy to create a brooch for her. Brandy being so talented, made an amazing orchid. It simply was perfect. Not only that, but my Gigi (who is a botanist, and has worked with orchids most of her life) was amazed at how realistic Brandy made her gift! That right there is saying a lot!

Brandy has a lot of really cool jewelry items in her shop. The one item that I am really diggin for the young adults, though, is the gauged ear jewelry. If you are a piercer (or are pierced) and have holes that are stretched (or gauged) then you know how hard it can be to find wicked jewelry at a reasonable price that does not SUCK! Well, look no further. How amazing are these?

Or THESE!?!?!!?!?!??

Mudd Slinger is the perfect place to shop for any of the teens on your list. Her work is amazing!

Muddslinger also has a Facebook page, feel free to go stalk, Brandy always has special deals going on, and it will keep you in the know!


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