Handmade Holidays- Gifts for Men- The Art of Wenchkin

Now, I do not discriminate, these could be gifts for woman, kids, really anyone. But since Greg thought this shop was SO cool, this is where it is falling. Wenchkin is one of my team members, and I think I have to say, one of the most talented artists I have ever had the pleasure to know. She not only is an exceptional painter, and sketch artist, but she works amazingly in mixed media, and also in sculpture.

How cool would this look in hubby’s man-cave?

And I kinda want this for myself, but Greg wants it, too. So I may concede. 😉

Those items are available in her Cafepress shop. Now…here is where it gets even better. She ALSO does custom work off her Facebook page. And um….it is amazing. How do I know? Well, she did a dia de los muertos sketch of………ME! Check it out!

I have it hanging in my studio. I think this would be an amazing custom gift for ANYONE on your list. She can even do kids! How COOL would it be to do a whole family? Greg even mentioned doing the boys, and having them for his desk at work! What a cool idea!!!!

Also, I mentioned sculpture. Well, this is NOT your average clay crap. She full-on recreates My Little Pony toys into what she calls “My Little Bonie”. THEY ARE AMAZING. These would look cool on any guy’s desk at work. Talk about a conversation piece with your co-workers!!!!!!

For her Bonies, or other toys (she will also do Munies, Dunnies, or trolls) you need to contact her on her Facebook page or you can e-mail her at wenchkin@gmail.com. I know, I know….we are working on getting her over to Artfire, but until then….WHO would want to miss out on all that awesome!?!?!??!?! Oh, and tell her Brooke sent ya!!!!


4 thoughts on “Handmade Holidays- Gifts for Men- The Art of Wenchkin

  1. 2 of the my little bonies pictured are mine,the flying tiger pony and the stormtrooper pony. She is an amazing artist and I already have more ponies on the way

  2. …one of my favorite artist in the world!! i own four of her paintings and one bonie and love them all! she is very sweet, super reliable, and she tends to throw in stickers, and shwag! nothing but lulz, for wenchkin. and if your a fellow artist she will trade aswell!

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