Gifts for Kids- Rocky The Zombie!

If you are a fan of Brooke Van Gory, then I am sure you have heard me rave about Rocky The Zombie. Heck, I even collaborate with her to make some of my bags! The designs are amazing, very gender neutral, and affordable. The thing that I really love about putting an RTZ tee or onsie on my kids is that I am SURE that no one that I meet will EVER be wearing the same thing! Every time Gory rocks RTZ, it is a huge hit! The playgroup moms all love it, people at the mall stop me and ask where it came from, and I have given MANY RTZ items as gifts! Another reason her items make good gifts is that they are all not “alternative” with skulls, or pirates. Some designs are very cute, and cuddly!

Another thing that I love about Rocky right now, is that she is starting to do more canvas paintings of her designs. Gory’s nursery is actually in a RTZ theme, with canvas paintings,and also a custom lampshade that was a collaboration between RTZ and Fabulously Fierce! (Who will be featured a little later) These canvases make amazing gifts, all are one of a kind, and all are handpainted!

I am sure there are some little girls that would LOVE this tee shirt under the tree this year!

This Zombie Lovers tee is one of my favorite designs by her! Gory got one of these under the tree last year!

And my niece will be getting one of these for Christmas this year. I LOVE this print!!!!

What is your favorite item in the Rocky The Zombie shop?


5 thoughts on “Gifts for Kids- Rocky The Zombie!

  1. I soooo love everything RTZ, from all my clothes to my Rocky Van Gory camera bag!

    And I’ve just given a pair of hoodies to RD for his b-day, and he loves the Zombie Pirate!

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