Shopping for Teens – Take Two Skate Shop

As far as I am concerned, teens are THE hardest people to shop for. Ever. Then come to the Holidays, and it is even harder, because the situation is compounded with all the commercials on television, their friends who all have wish lists the size of the Great Wall…yep. It is near impossible. How do I know this? I have a pre-teen to shop for. And it is horrible.

But I have found ways to shop for teens that is not only cool (and handmade) but is also affordable. The major plus side to this, is that handmade gifts become even more cool once they realize that their friends will all be jealous, because more of them are one of a kind, and they will be the ONLY one of their friends that has one! ūüėÄ It is an all-around win situation!

This week, we are featuring Take Two Skate Shop. This shop is run by an amazing mama that i have known for years named Erin. I BELIEVE this is the fourth shop she has going on Etsy. So needless to say, she is very talented. Her designs in Take Two are really cool, and Evan has been begging me for a few of her items for Christmas this year. Erin takes old, used skateboards, and re-purposes them into amazing jewelry, and other items.

The thing that I really like about the whole idea of using upcycled skateboards is that the item that you receive will NEVER again be able to be duplicated. EVER. There are all sorts of really cool blemishes and scrapes on each item, from years of use on the skate decks. Which is not only awesome, two thumbs up for upcycling, but it is TOTALLY awesome for teens, cause they think that sort of thing is pretty rad!

Take¬†Two offers a wide variety of neat items, that are great for either a boy or a girl. I really like the “You tie necklaces” which allow the wearer to adjust the length of the necklace to fit his or her style! There are photo frames, cool embellished¬†necklaces, key chains, rings, pinbacks (would be really cool on a backpack!) and even magnets!¬† The magnets would be a cool idea for them to take to school to hang pictures in their locker with!

Any of these items would make a welcome addition under the tree for the teens on your list, wether or not they skateboard. Their friends will all be jealous that they got such a cool gift, and NO one else will EVER have one like it! So head on over to Take Two Skate Shop on Etsy, and tell me……what is your favorite item and who would you gift it to?


5 thoughts on “Shopping for Teens – Take Two Skate Shop

  1. Erin has some seriously awesome items in this shop, might have to consider it for Alex, my younger nephew, that is 15!

    On the other side, I know Erin rocks cause I got me one of her crocheted hats, and it’s brilliant!

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