Handmade Holidays Gifts for MEN- Orange Fuzz

This is a hard one folks. Shopping for the men in your life is so hard, and doing it the handmade way is even harder. I think that the ONLY item I have ever gotten Greg that was handmade, that he loves, was a tee shirt. So to make these picks ones that will be good gifts to consider, I am making him sit with me, and pick items that he would like to get himself! So straight from the hardest man on the planet to shop for, here is our first feature!

We popped across Orange Fuzz while doing a search for shaving kits (Greg is bald, and finding quality shaving items to get a close shave on both his head AND face is difficult) and this one had the most positive feedback. The prices are also really affordable, and the items that come in their kits look pretty awesome!

GReg picked out the Eco Friendly Shaving Kit with Beer Soap as his favorite. He really liked when I purchased some beer soap for him for a wedding gift, and having the kit come with that, along with the boar hair shaving brush really appealed to him. Better then the old aerosol cans of shaving cream, and for sure a closer shave! (and more eco friendly, which made me happy, but I would never tell him that, he just thinks it makes him look cool! LOL!)

Orange Fuzz also has some other items that look really cool. So cool in fact, that I think I may have to grab some to review for the Two Girls blog.  One item that I MUST try…..Absinthe soap!!!!!!!  OMG YES!!!! And while on the topic of soap, let me tell you a little hint from experience. During our wedding, I tried to do as much handmade as possible. For the guys that were standing up for me, the gifts were hard. Cause guys are hard to shop for. So what did I do? BINGO! Beer soap with a 6 pack of beer! And Orange Fuzz has the soap! No joking, WHAT man would not want some beer, and a soap MADE WITH THAT BEER under the tree? I cannot think of a single one!

So for great gifts for any of the men on your list this year, check out Orange Fuzz! They even have gift sets for the ladies, as well. An amazing chance to save on shipping, and get a few people crossed off your list at the same shop!


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