BVG bag comparison

One of the most asked questions I get is about bag size. How big ARE they, will they fit this, that, whatever…. and sometimes I even get moms that love their new bag, but message me with WOAH! This is a bit bigger then I thought! AWESOME! I hate having you all confused as to sizing. I had almost all of the various bag sizes in the studio today, so I thought I would do a bunch of pictures comparing the sizing for everyone.

So first up, my good friend Lindsay volunteered (read: I just flat out told her) to model the three diaper bag sizes.

Diaper Tote:

Regular Sized Expedient:

Upsized Expedient:

So, then I thought that it would be really good to photograph the bags WITH something that is an item that is well known is size. Enter: The Crayola crayon box (Gory is currently OBSESSED with coloring, so I have many of these laying around)

Upsized and Regular with crayon box:

Regular Expedient with crayon box:

Upsized with crayon box:

Both diaper bags together, with a Quintessential handbag for comparison:

Now, here are my to handbags, the Quintessential, and the Crossbones Couture Mosh Pit bag.

Mosh Pit compared to regular Expedient:

And both the handbags together!

I am hoping that this comparison helps a lot of you all out with sizing questions. And as always, please contact me if you have ANY questions about sizing!


2 thoughts on “BVG bag comparison

  1. This is rad. I love this post. Love it! I know you list your sizes, but it is so hard to visualize just what it means sometimes, even if you cut it out of newspaper. (no, really, I didn’t do that….)

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