Gifts for Women Rocker Bye Baby – Not just for babies!

If you know BVG well at all, you all know how much Gory loves his Rocker Bye Baby blankets. He is a BIT obsessed. So why feature them in a post about gifts for women? Well……didn’t you know that Amber makes ADULT sized blankets, too? Yep, all that buttery soft minky comes in big kid sized blankets, too!

Last year for Christmas, my (then 96 year old) grandma had a RBB blanket under the tree. She is still quite active, and is an amazing artist still at her age. I thought she could use a nice, soft, warm blanket for her legs while she sat and painted with her watercolors. To say that she LOVED the blanket is an understatement. I do not think there is a single person that comes to visit that does not get a snuggle with that blanket at her insistence.  She is at the point now, that I actually had to go into the house to wash it while my mom took her out to lunch, because she was scared to do it herself! LOL!

Now, every adult in the house also has a RBB blanket!(well, except for me, cause Gory store mine, too. The blanket hog!) I could not think of a better gift for those amazing women in your life, then the gift of year long warmth. The adult blankets are sold in a custom listing, so you can pick your poison when it comes to fabrics! Totally perfect, totally warm, totally custom!

And while you are at it, wouldn’t it be cute to get mommy and me matching blankets? I LOVE this idea, a chilly winter night is best spent snuggling on the couch with your little ones all wrapped in RBB minky blankets! 😀 And I KNOW that I am not the only mama that has a mama blenket on her wish list this year! So grab yours early, so it will be under YOUR tree this year!


5 thoughts on “Gifts for Women Rocker Bye Baby – Not just for babies!

  1. It’s SO true.
    I love my RBB blanket, It’s such a perfect weight, and super warm.. I’m not sure if it’s the two layers, or if it’s the minky but you can feel it warm up as soon as you snuggle in to it.

    It’s also perfect for travelling (I have a blog post saved on my laptop almost ready to post soon about HOW PERFECT it is).. It’s pretty cold on a transatlantic long haul at 40000ft, and airplane blankets are made of static. Every fucker on that plane wished they were as comfortable as me… and I actually napped on a plane for the first time ever. I usually just sit there getting angrier.

  2. lots of love for rbb blankies here! i DEFINITELY have ‘adult size rbb blankie’ on my christmas list! c’mon, santa, hear my plea! 🙂

    and i LOVE the ‘mommy and me’ idea! how cute would that be?! 🙂

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