Gifts for Kids- Enchanted Dandelions!

April is a mama that I absolutely love. Her shop Enchanted Dandelions is on my favorites list for the holidays, as well. Not only is she an amazing friend, but she also has some of the most whimsical, colorful, amazing kids items that I have seen on Etsy in quite some time.  Her attention to detail in the items she sells is flawless, and her designs are pretty amazing, if you ask me.

What little person would NOT look adorable in this bib at the Thanksgiving table?

This Sock Monkey beanbag set would be SO awesome in a toddler’s stocking!!!!

And this flaxseed owie bag set is good for any new parent, or for a soon-to-be parent! They also work awesome for bigger kids, my 10 year old uses them to soothe sort muscles after basketball games!


Enchanted Dandelions continues to be one of my favorite kids Etsy shops. Head on over, and grab some amazing gifts for your favorite little people!

*All the items featured are linked to the pictures. Just click on the photo to be directed to the listing!*


3 thoughts on “Gifts for Kids- Enchanted Dandelions!

  1. I love Enchanted Dandelions. JabberWalky has one of her prototype diapers that is rad beyond all logic, and i love my little flax seed headache helper from Enchanted Dandelions! April does fantastic work, always.

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