Schedule of handmade reviews for the Holiday Season.

Tomorrow is the big day, the beginning of the big Brooke Van Gory review event! I am really excited about sharing some awesome shops, a bunch of REALLY cool ways to DIY your holidays, and even some exciting giveaways with you all! To make it easier for me, since I have so much going on right now, I have decided to set myself a schedule. I will be adding a widget of the schedule over on the side bar, so you all can have easy access to it.

Mondays:  Gifts for the men in your life! Yep, you can buy handmade for men, too!

Tuesdays: Review/Giveaways!

Wednesdays: Gifts for TEENS! Honestly, this is the HARDEST age group to buy handmade for, but I have ALL the good places to buy!

Thursdays: DIY your holidays! Tips on crafts, cool tips, and other rad DIY ideas to make the holidays Unique!

Fridays: Gifts for the kids! From infant, all the way to about grade school age!

Saturdays: RECIPES! Amazing tried-and-true noms that will make your holiday table OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Sundays: Gifts for woman (moms, grandmas, hostess gifts)

So bookmark this page, check back daily, and remember to follow me on Facebook! Now only will I be posting about that day’s event, but there will also be a lot more sales and giveaways on the fan page as well!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Schedule of handmade reviews for the Holiday Season.

  1. I’m so excited! I hope one of your giveaways is for a BGV bag! I’ll hook on the corner for extra entries if need be! I’m doing some reviews and giveaways on my (new-ish) blog too, but nothing handmade. I’m doing an even in the new year though that should have plenty of handmade stuff. So exciting!

  2. I’m super excited about this! I can’t wait to get ideas for teens and men! I never know what to get my bro or my dad, and now Alex, my younger nephew is already 15!!

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