Quick Update.

OK, so many of you know that Gory has been having a rough go of it lately. We THOUGHT we were battling a nasty yeast infection, and in the midst of him having a really nasty cold/flu he had bleeding and pus discharge out of his penis. (He is SO gonna kill me later on in life for blogging this). SO we went to the doctor, she put him on Lotramin, and he had a SEVERE reaction to that, then it all seemed to clear up.

.He broke into a fever of 102 on Wednesday night, and we knocked it down with Tylenol. Thursday he was running a low grade fever, and fell asleep in the MIDDLE of the floor at about 9am (TOTALLY not usual) slept for 4 hours, and I had to WAKE him up. I went to change his diaper, and suddenly realized that there had been NO urine passed since about 8pm the night before (it was now 1pm). I rushed him to the ER, where they cathed him, drained his urine, tested for bladder and UTI infections, and nothing. His fever knocked down again with Tylenol (it was 102 again)

Here is the weird thing, his urethra has pus in it, and when he urinates, there is blood in it. This was even BEFORE the cath. He is highly allergic to anti-fungals, as they thought it was a yeast infection. I boiled and stripped the heck out of all his diapers last night, then washed again in vinegar. I am not sure if this is what it is, and the labs on his urine will not be back until Tuesday.

So today, I had to take Evan shopping for summer clothes, because he is leaving for camp in a bit, and I have no other time to do it. The WHOLE time I had Gory in his Ergo, and he was BOILING! Hotter then an oven, the poor thing, and even WITH Tylenol! I had talked to the nurse at the ped’s office a bit on our way there, and we agreed that the fever was obviously battling SOMETHING in his body, and we should just let it do it’s job.  But by the time I had gotten back, at about 2pm, he STILL had not peed, and was sleeping! I had to wake him up at 3:30, and he did not urinate, so I just took him to the peds. We saw Evan’s doctor, because Gory’s was not there today.

First, he suspects that Gory has roseola. Which is a really high fever that breaks, then causes a rash on the abdomen for about a day, then is over. Problem solved, right?


His penis situation. He at this point ( 5PM ) has urinated ONCE during the day, a little when he woke up in the morning (with a dry diaper, I might add). The doctor looked, and told me that he suspects that Gory has what is called “Meatitis/Meatal Stenosis“. Yeah. His urethra is too small. He says it happens a lot in circumcised boys, because the passage is already small in some boys, and when it rubs against the diaper, or urine gets on it, it gets inflamed, and can actually swell SHUT! DUR! No wonder the kid can’t pee! So he peed there, after he squeezed it out of him, and Gory screamed, cause it hurt. So we now put steroids on the area 3X a day (yay diaper liners) and I will make an appointment with the urologist, because most likely they will have to enlarge the opening (mental picture here, if you will, of Greg shivering).

So, that is it in a nut shell. Scary, but at least I finally have an answer, and maybe this post may help another mom or dad that may be having a similar problem find a solution, since it took 4 doctors until we finally got an answer! 😉


10 thoughts on “Quick Update.

  1. oh my goodness poor Gory!!!! I’ll be thinking of you guys- i hope that he gets some relief quickly. I’m glad you finally got some answers- it is so frustrating, to not be able to figure out what is wrong so you can make him feel better! poor thing. 😦

  2. Poor Mama, Poor Gory, Poor Greg, & Poor Evan,
    I am sorry you guys have had such a miserable time lately. I am so glad that they found out something and there’s a solution. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

    HUGS & Many Rainbows,
    (heyfreckles on twitter)

  3. Wow, can’t we just get something common like chicken pox?? 😛 Huge, huge hugs to you guys. Meatal Stenosis?? Jarrod also cringed at the thought. 😦 Keep us posted, kay? ❤

  4. Oi Brookers… you poor guys! Poor baby Gory having to go through all that! But in the good news, he won’t remember shit about it when he grows up!

    And I really hope from now on the health front in the family only goes into positive, and no more sickness!!

  5. Poor guy 😦 I feel his pain I had some major urethra swelling issues myself (I’m a mom I just tell everyone everything now LOL)and as a baby it’s gotta suck 😦 Tons of snuggles and minky his way cause I know having surgery will suck 😦 I love you guys

  6. Oh poor Gory, What a horrible huge adventure for such a little guy.. hopefully he won’t remember it.

    My cat actually had the SAME problem (lol).. he had to be dosed up with morphine and squeezed also, followed by steroids.

  7. Oh, I am so so sorry to read this! How difficult for poor Gory. I feel so sorry for your little guy! I will keep you guys in my thought and prayers and I hope he is on the road to recovery soon!

  8. aww NO brooke! poor little guy!
    i had vaginal adhesions when i was little…i had to have surgery twice to get cut back open, then i guess my mom had to use estrogen type cream on me to keep it open. i REMEMBER how bad it HURT to pee, when it was in the midst of growing shut. i remember screaming because it hurt SO bad. not the same thing as gory…but in the same area and it is pretty traumatic. but he’s a toughy like his mom and he’ll be good and one day thank you for everything you’ve done for him and gone through for him!
    big squeezes for ya girl!!!!!!

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