UPDATE on the Mirena situation.

So…in a fit of paranoia last night, and reading exactly HOW they remove the IUD of satan, I decided to pull the plug myself. Literally. I pulled it out myself. Now, I am NOT recommending that anyone ELSE do this, I am not advising anyone, and what I did was maybe stupid. I dunno. But I did it.

Here is the thing. SINCE I removed it, some amazing things have happened. This morning, for the first time in almost 6 months I WOKE UP AND SAT UP IN BED! Usually, I have to roll sideways, and have Gerg literally LIFT me out of the bed. Then I went into Gory’s room and LIFTED HIM OUT OF HIS CRIB! To most of you this is trivial, but to me….well…it brought me to tears….of joy. I would say my pain has been reduced to about only 30% of my day. Which is AWESOME! And only about 2 hours post-removal!

The other things I have noticed is a really big change for the better in my mood! SO much in fact, that Gerg, my mom, AND Evan have commented on it!  I am moving really well, and even went for a long walk with Gory in his wagon, and moved PAIN FREE! I am amazed.

And also really angry. I am really angry that doctors are allowed to do this to woman. I have met some other amazing moms on Twitter, that have blogged similar experiences. Alexandra’s post is here about her horrible experience with the IUD from hell. Kristin blogged about her Mirena hell here. Amanda talks about her Mirena experience here. Sick, right? This makes me SICK! These women are a SMALL majority that have actually BLOGGED about their Mirena horrors! There are SO MANY women being effected in a negative way because of this horrible IUD! It can cause PERMENANT DAMAGE!

I still have my doctor’s appointment on Thursday, and you bet your ass I am marching in there armed. I am DEMANDING that she record all my negative symptoms, and report them to the FDA. I am DEMANDING that she check my progesterone levels and thyroid levels (these can both be affected in a severe way by Mirena).

Please help spread the word about this! Tweet about my post, go read the other women’s stories, tell your friends! If we can help spread the word, then we may be able to help other woman! I have had MANY woman tell me they were considering the Mirena, and will now go a different routs because of my blog, and experience! I even have two other moms getting theirs removed this week!


21 thoughts on “UPDATE on the Mirena situation.

  1. I’m kinda freaked out now… even though I’ve not had any problems with mine at all in 8 months, the horror stories of others has me concerned… hmmm… I guess I need to talk to my OBGYN about it (although she has the Mirena as well without problems… so she might not be all that helpful/concerned?) I’m glad you’re feeling so much better already (although holy crap – scary about pulling it out yourself! glad that worked out for you!!) 😉 and wishing the best to everyone else who is taking steps to get their issues corrected soon! good luck!!

  2. Hey Brooke… can I have the Mirena you pulled out? I know I know it sounds horrible and gross, but I loves you a lot and want to make you a political art piece with it, as a symbol of what you’ve experienced.

  3. I’m glad you have the determination to demand when you go in there, and please please write down all your symptoms so you don’t leave any off.

  4. I don’t get it. I don’t get how Mirena is even legal! I was so relieved to get that thing ripped out of me {although, I didn’t have the guts to do it myself LOL!} and have had huge changes to me since having it removed. I have now had mine out for going on 2 years and most symptoms are gone. I do, however, still have occasional anxiety, which I had never had before the Mirena.

    Thanks for linking my story!

  5. Awesome! 😀 I did the exact. same. thing. I had a massive panic attack (those only started after Mirena), googled like crazy, armed myself to the teeth with removal techniques and possible problems (like embedding), and then pulled that sucker out myself. I, also, wouldn’t recommend it to others, because if its embedded, shit can go wrong, but I also support women making decisions about what to do with their own bodies if that is their decision. That piece of toxic needed to be out of my body asap. And the INSTANT relief from pain and shitty mood swings is unbelievable!

    Have you read much about the “Mirena crash”? I’m onto my second complete bottom out (depression, anxiety, panic attacks), and they apparently accompany your periods as your hormones right themselves, but there are supplements and diet changes you can make to help ease the healing. You might want to try some selenium, iodine, magnesium, and zinc to help support your thyroid and immune system as well. I’ve had issues with both. And a liver tonic, because Mirena can cause problems there, too (adding liver enzymes to your blood screen wouldn’t hurt).

    **huge hugs** It makes me happy to hear of women taking action and finding the healing they need. *^_^*

  6. Holy Shitzu Brookers!
    What you did IS NOT to be done! As in, I’m super glad you did get rid of it and are now feeling better, but that was reckless and wow it could have been dangerous for you!!
    BUT as you said, go to your doctor and make her list everything that is wrong with the Mirena thingy and make sure she reports it! If there are so many cases, they need to advice women better!

  7. awww…brookers….how did you get that sucker out…isn’t it WAY up there?!
    i was scared when my ob suggested a “device”. as much as i hate the pill(i DO appreciate the one i’m on now for it’s benefits to my hormones)…..having a foreign object inside me scared the poo out of me. she had said there’s a small chance of getting some sort of scar tissue thingy/infection, etc…..and i figured with my luck, i’d be that small chance…so i opted out.
    i hope you get to feeling better each and every day. it’s hard, especially as a mom(responsible for other little lives) to deal with pain and feeling sick and “not right” each and every day of your life(i’m going on a little over 2.5 years of it).
    so thankfully if you can get some relief…i’m so happy for you!!!!!!
    we have to learn to be our own advocates with our health because there’s too many doctors out there just ready to slap a bandaid on problems instead of finding the real cause of them.
    more power to you brookey and more healing too!!!!

  8. So glad to hear you are feeling better! I saw some of your tweets and your last post and couldn’t believe the horrible symptoms and your doctor’s response! I have always had good luck with traditional pill bc (It actually improves things for me tremendously), so I’ve never gone this route. It’s a bit scary that you pulled it out yourself, but wonderful that you are feeling an immediate improvement!

  9. Good you’re still going to have her check you didn’t do any damage – although I’m pretty sure those things are meant to be readjusted and what not so I’m sure you’re fine. I am SO glad you’re feeling better and again SO glad I decided against this! I will definitely spread the word!!

  10. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I had mine for 3 years before requesting they take it out. I had severe body pain, horrible headaches, and fatigue. I thought getting it out would be the end. It wasn’t. I bled so heavily, they kept having to check my levels. I was losing too much blood. There for a while, there was talk of a blood transfusion. I was throwing clots the size of baseballs(sorry for the tmi) and I would almost pass out. I had some other things happen but I won’t go into that here. That went on for 3 wks after having it removed. They said my body was “getting back to normal”. What was it while on mirena? Looking back, I should have never gotten it. I wish I hadn’t I tell anyone who will listen what happened to me in hopes they won’t make the same mistake.

  11. You’re so brave to do it yourself! I’m glad you’re feeling better. I noticed almost immediately a change in how I felt. The stabbing pain I had almost constantly went away the moment it came out. This disgusts me that they can still put this horrible device into women’s bodies!

  12. And this is why I haven’t gotten one. I have a hx of cysts and the fact that 12% of people get one with Merina was enough to keep me away. Sorry it has made you have the crazies for the last year. Got to be your own medical advocate. So far condoms have worked for us, though if #3 made an appearance it wouldn’t end the world either, KIWM? I figure on maybe trying the paraguard, but i have to pay out of pocket, so not happening yet.

  13. Update? Did you see your Doc? My OB was pushing for me to get it also but I decided no BC was better. Now keeping fingers crossed #2 doesn’t happen…

  14. We decided not to use hormonal birth control, and when I read about stuff like this, I’m glad! While I’m not sure I’d yank it out myself (yikes! lol), I’m glad you’re feeling much better!

    We use the fertility awareness method. Pick up Taking Charge of Your Fertility on Amazon. We conceived our first month trying, and have avoided since! TCOYF is awesome, and knowing about your body is empowering!

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