Mirena: The IUD brought to you by Lucifer himself.

I am SO mad, I have to blog this rage. When I was pregnant, and even before, I had chronic hypertension. When I was preggo with Gory, this turned into Pre-acclampsia, and…well……that was that.

So after my 6 week check up, my doctor informed me that any birth control ill would not work, because it would cause my BP to go up, so either I use condoms (not gonna happen…ever) get tied, or use this Mirena. Well, I thought, since she puts it that way, and I am not sure if I want any more spawn, the MIrena looked to be a good choice.

So I went in and had the thing inserted. And lemme tell, you, it was NOT pleasant. The blog post is here. I bled on and off for about 3 months AFTER the insertion, and I thought that was weird, but when I called the OBGYN to ask about it, she said to give it some time. Around that time, I started having SEVERE back aches, and aching in my joints. It was so bad, that I spent some days laying on the floor in pain. Nothing would help, nothing seemed to be working, not a new mattress, not laying on the floor or couch, the chiropracter….nothing. I thought I was just getting old….

Also, I started getting really down. I do have a history of depression, but NOTHING like this. I am a BITCH! I yell at Greg and Evan, and Gory too. I hate myself, and my life, which in all reality, is pretty damn good. I am just so depressed, I cannot function some days.

I have acne REALLY bad on my back, chest, and face that was NOT there before. I mean……2 weeks before I GOT pregnant, I was wearing a BACKLESS wedding gown, and did not have a zit ANYWHERE. Or WHILE I was pregnant, for that matter!

I have gained close to 20 lbs since I had the thing put in, and the weird thing is…I have a VERY LOW caloric intake. Like 800-900 a day low! And I do not exercise (see previous mention of pain like….everywhere) but I am active running after Gory all day, and walking almost 2 mines a day either outside, or at the indoor mall doing laps.

So, somehow, (I forgot how) I started talking to my Twitter mamas about it today, and some of them have the SAME symptoms! HOLY SHIT! I NEVER connected any of my issues with the Mirena! I thought my pain was maybe never damage from having Gory, and the rest was…I dunno? Getting old? Being depressed?

SO I called, and the IUD from the bowls of hell is being taken out at 1 on Thrusday. I did not even give them a choice, I called, and said “HI! You are taking out my Mirena, give me the soonest time slot!”

I al also a member of this site now, that is a support group for Mirena users. Do any of you have the Mirena/ have had it/ have a similar story?


21 thoughts on “Mirena: The IUD brought to you by Lucifer himself.

  1. wow… such a wonderful post…
    outstanding balance of lines and words….
    Learnt a lot from you….

    visit mine… & plz plz plz post your comments….

    Thank you…

    I’ll be in touch…

  2. yikes!! I had mine put in at my 6-week check-up after having E (july 8th of last year to be exact) and had a very little bit of spotting and mild cramps the first couple of days, and nothing since… no pain, no bleeding, no nothing… which I guess is great for me – but I’m so sorry that it’s done such bad things to you!! that is just SHITTY! I really really hope that you’ll recover quickly once it is removed, and that you are able to find a safer method of birth control… wishing you all the best, my fingers are crossed and I’m definitely gonna say a prayer for this one!! *HUGS*

  3. Oh Brooke, I’m so sorry you’re going through this. That is just total fail. I don’t know why we convince ourselves that all these crazt chemicals and hormone therapies won’t have negative effects.

  4. yup yup yup ditto to all that! Except the acne I wasn’t lucky enough to get that side effect 😛 but was luckiy enough to get pregnant with it in lol

    My friend came to visit after I had Dot & she said her friend had to have hers surgically removed from her colon! ACK!

    Mirena is def an evil evil being & so was I when it was in 😉

  5. I am so so SO glad to read this… not for your misfortune, but for the information! I had been considering an IUD and thought about this one. I’m glad I never did it! I guess it’s the snip for Brandon! 🙂 I hope taking it out helps. *crosses fingers*

  6. Those are a few of the reasons I don’t do chemical birth control. Also, being pro-life, I have yet to find a chemical birth control that will not attempt to abort your baby should you get pregnant while on it. This reason alone is enough to keep me away.

    I hope everything goes well and your hormones and body get back to normal soon after they remove it. I’m sorry you had to go through this.

  7. Dude. I bled for SIX MONTHS after having it put in. I remember telling my friend that I felt 10 years older after having a baby (she’s had 3) and she was like, that’s not right dude, you’re not supposed to feel older, your body should be able to handle that,it is meant to birth children. I am EXACTLY the same way. Hate my life. Major acne. ZERO sex drive, cramps, spotting, my KNEES are like an EIGHTY year old!!! Who do we sue? Can we sue?

    have you read this? http://babble.com/CS/blogs/straightfromthebottle/archive/2010/02/09/part-three-in-the-triudlogy-womb-squad-successfully-detonates-ied-in-hurt-locker.aspx

  8. Holy schmolly!
    I really hope you will be feeling better as soon as you get that things out of you!
    Now, only to think about a different birth control method…

    *big huggles*

  9. Holy ca-schmoly! That is HORRID!!! Ugh! Unfortunately, there isn’t many choices for birth control – I guess the “natural” method is the only way (yikes!). Personally, I feel these artificial chemicals/hormones we put into our bodies are causing more damage than we realize. Seriously – when did PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) become “common”? Had never heard of it before, but don’t you know it – after taking the pill for YEARS & YEARS (since I was 16), my ovaries are COVERED with cysts. And apparently it’s “common”. Psh!!

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  11. Hey, heard about your dilemma on twitter. Have you thought about getting Paragard, the copper IUD? It’s non-hormonal and has far fewer nasty side effects. I’ve had mine for a few months, and while the heavy bleeding is really annoying, it’s expected to let up and go back to being more normal once my uterus adjusts to having a thing inside it (and there isnt random spotting like you get with mirena, your periods are at their normal time, just a bit heavier). Big pharma doesn’t want you to know about non-hormonal options, so you may have to ask your doctor for information on it by name before they’ll give you the pamphlet. I did reading on Mirena before choosing to get Paragard, and the side effect list just freaked me out. So sorry you’ve been suffering from it!!!! Best of luck in finding an alternative and recovering 🙂

  12. Ugg. I had that horrible thing for a little over a year when I finally got it removed. My doctor wouldn’t believe me that I was having all of these side-effects so I was supposed to “give it more time”, so I found another doctor. I was on the verge of needing meds for depression, HORRIBLE mood swings I could not control, no sex drive whatsoever, lost a lot of hair, gained about 25 lbs when I was eating under 1200 calories a day, and my acne exploded all over my body. I was tested for thyroid conditions and all sorts of stuff with no answers. I’m hoping to find a good b/c alternative after I have this baby…definitely NOT recommending Mirena to anyone. I hope they soon pull this off of the market!

  13. I had my Mirena taken out, too. Hormonal birth control DOES NOT WORK for me, and my OB kept telling me the Mirena emits such a low dose of hormones I won’t even notice it.

    Bull. Shit.

    I gained 20lbs, had weird pregnant cravings, and was depressed. When I had it removed I lost 13lbs in a week without really doing anything.

    I’ve heard of an IUD that does not have hormones –


    I haven’t tried it, but it may be worth looking into.

  14. Hello everyone!
    I’m so happy to find others with the same worries I have about having the Mirena. So I have had this thing in me for about 2 months and I’m already having the feelings. (never ignore the signs ladies) I don’t feel like myself, no sex drive but also painful, bloated, joint pain, my eyes even feels funny, cramping but more of lower abdominal pain, let me not forget to mention that I feel pregnant. But good news I have a check up in like 2 days and I will have it removed. My decision came when I bled for a week in a half plus 4 additional days of lite period.

  15. This is the truth! I’m in constant pain, the dr doesn’t want to take it out unless I pay a butt load of money. I cry, scream, cuss, etc all the time. This mother is the devil. I’m going to get this damn thing taken out because this isn’t worth it anymore!!!!!

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