Oh, the joy that is a toddler.

Yeah, it has been a hot minute since I have blogger, and I have no excuses. I am having a rough turn of things lately, and whatever. Sewing comes first, and blogging second. Well actually family is before ALL of that, but, you know…..

So that leads me to this. I had forgotten how HARD it is to have a toddler. Gory recently started walking a few steps by himself. To most, this be really cute, and “OH! Look at the baby taking his first steps!!”. HA! YOu have never met Mr. Pantalones. When he started to walk, it was “OMG WTF BBQ! make sure there is nothing on the counters, we need chains, padlocks, and an electric fence!” OK, not really, but Gory is like a freight train with no brakes. He goes and goes until something stops him (like a brick wall….or a minky blanket) or until he is too tired, and falls asleep…in the car, in the middle of the yard or floor, or in his highchair.

And that is not even the beginning of it! Since it has been so nice out, we have bene hanging outside. And Gory has found his new calling. Taste tester of all things NON-EDIBLE! i.e. dirt, rocks, grass, leaves, ect…. He scrambles right out on the deck, and quick grabs, and stuffs. GRAB AND STUFF! I swear, he will NEVER get sick, after eating all this dirt! The funny thing is that Greg is the typical first time parent, and refuses to put him on the ground when he is outside, for fear of him getting “dirty”. **sigh** He will learn eventually….


 Gory also has taken it upon himself to seek and destroy all baby-proofing contraptions. He busts through those things like a bomb. He yanks, grunts, the plastic splinters and snaps, and YAY! garbage cans, HERE WE COME! The kid is OBSESSED with the garbage cans. So currently, I have all out garbage on the kitchen counters n shopping bags. Gross, but a reality into my sad life…

This past week was also spring break for Evan. I feel like all spring break and Christmas break are is a punishment for parents. It SUCKS! The kids are bored, parents are driven batty….. I digress. I packed the week full of fun stuffs. First we went swimming. I took pics, and if you wanna see them, go look at my FB page. We went to the children’s museum, and then we went to the Aquarium downtown. Gory of course, has a BLAST< and I think Evan did, to. You never know with these tweens, these days.

The boys do the Windy City!

Evan touches a starfish

See? Told ya he is walking!


So…that is where i have been, in a perpetual state of garbage, toddler chaos, and insanity. And I also work about 8 to 10 hours a day (all at night) and cook and clean. If anyone wants to build me a robot, please contact me. Thanks.


4 thoughts on “Oh, the joy that is a toddler.

  1. LOL – Mac loves dirt and rocks especially. I could really care less, but just worry about her swallowing small ones. Two weeks ago she laid down and swam in the gravel behind our garage. Good times. They really are two peas in a pod! 🙂

  2. Oh, this so echoes much of my life with a toddler right now (although the falling asleep whereever part totally cracks me up!) I would love to get our two little guys together and let them run around like crazy! I totally used to fear dirt with my first as well. Now, I have to decide whether the drool, snot, and dirt justifies changing his shirt! lol I am not looking forward to spring break either. My 3 yr old loves preschool. It’ll be an interesting summer. We have some friends in Chicago – looks like we need to plan a summer trip and go see some of these places with the kiddos. Ella was crazy about the children’s museum last time!

  3. Oh my goodness!! Mr Gorypants is so super cute BUT he is such a total danger!!
    I’m glad that you guys that some fun during spring break, even though you felt like running away on occasions!

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