Handmade Toys make me Happy

When I was planning Gory’s first birthday, I decided to go as DIY as I possibly could. Cause…well….DUR! And if I was gonna DIY the invites, the food, and the cake, might as well make the GIFTS diy as well, right? So of course, I went to Etsy, and got some AMAZING handmade toys for him that now everyone in the family loves!

The reason I went with mainly wooden toys is because of many factors. While I was growing up, some of my favorite toys were made for me and my brother by my uncle. They were cherished toys, and my boys still play with the ones I had at their age. So they LAST! They are heirloom quality. And wood sparks imagination. Sort of like Waldorf style, they stimulate the senses. So……

I guess this post is sort of a “DIY toy guide” of sorts, since lots of mamas are asking me what toys I love from Etsy.

First off, we have this amazing set of square blocks from Little Sapling Toys. They come in a set of 12, 4 each of three types of wood. I like them, because they are not HUGE, but they are not too small either. They are very easy for little hands to stack, then knock over! They are very smooth, with not a single rough edge! We love them, they are well crafted, and the shipping was fast, and wonderful! They are on my new faves list!

Well, square blocks will just not be enough for Mr. Pants, so he also got a 10 peice set from Stevens Creations, which is ALSO amazing. This wood comes nekkid (no oil or finishing stuffs) which I was a bit nervous about, but in all honesty, these blocks are Gory’s go to blocks! They are sanded to perfection, so really, no oil or finishing is really needed! They are bigger, which is the perfect size for his little hands! And at 10$ a set, the price is amazing for such wonderful craftsmanship!

When we saw Woodshop Bob’s cars reviewed over at Rocker Bye Baby, I asked Bob if he could make another 10 car set for Gory, and he delivered! These are a little tinier then I expected, and I think as Gory grows, they will be a better fit for him, but they are very well made, and for 10$ a set, the price is AMAZING!

Gory’s dino set came from NW Toy Crafters. They are very smooth, very cute designs, and well made! They shipped really fast, and Gory loves making the growling sounds of the dinos!

Last but CERTAINLY not least on the wooden toy front, is these amazing trucks from Woman Woodworker. Now, I love wooden toys, and I love good craftsmanship. And I have to say. These trucks are amazing. Simply amazing. The designs are awesome, they are j the right size for little hands, are so smooth, the wheels turn smoothly. I cannot say enough about Ann and her work. We love it so much in fact, that after our Geena gave Gory his tanker truck, and car transporter (which is a semi AND a car all rolled into one, AMAZING design) We got a car transported set for a friend’s birthday gift, as well!

Maria, from Concertina shop made Gory some AMAZING crochet rainbow balls, and Gory LOVES to chase them through his new pop-up play tunnel that he got! They are so soft, and squishy, and totally safe to toss around indoors! Maria is an amazing crafter, and she says soon she will be selling the balls in her shop!

I would reccomend ANY of these toy sellers to anyone. They are all amazing, and I was very pleased with the items that we chose! Very well made, and amazing customer service!


5 thoughts on “Handmade Toys make me Happy

  1. I definitely agree with your decision on wooden toys! I used to have this HUGE collection of unfinished wooden blocks in tons of shapes and they were the most fun! glad to see Gory rocking his DIY toys!

  2. Hello,

    Just wanted to thank you for the product reviews!! They’re always extremely helpful when trying to decide what to buy on Etsy (it can be hard with so many awesome sellers and products). I just ordered the Squirrel Teether from Little Sapling Toys for the monster who’s currently using my bladder as a moon bouncer >.<

    Again, thanks for your blog!!

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