Deep Thoughts

So, as today unfolded I was reminded of a conversation I had a while back (for the LIFE of me I cannot remember WHO it was with) about washing cloth diapers. The talk somehow turned into a “poop soup” discussion. POOP SOUP! LMFAO!!! Oh, lord. But the gal told me that my comments were like Jack Handy, from SNL, when he does his deep thoughts.

So, then I realized that in all reality, most of my internal dialogue is EXACTLY like Jack Handy’s deep thoughts! Like, that is how I THINK! Weird, I know. And really, sometimes it LITERALLY makes me laugh out loud. And when I do, Greg looks at me like “omg, my wife is a complete nutcase”, and resumes his Greg things that he does.

I digress.

So I decided that Monday posts here will be devoted to “Deep Thoughts” posts. Here goes:

I am pretty sure that when the IRS asks you on the phone “Are you sure you are only married to one person?” they are actually expecting an answer.


5 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts

  1. I love Jack Handey – and your friend is right, you remind me of him, too. LOL “If you ever drop your keys in a river of molten lava, let them go. Because man, they’re gone.”

  2. I think that the IRS question is like the ones you have to fill in when you enter the States… what kind of a sloppy idiotic terrorist or ex-nazi will admit being so in filling a card to enter a country so they’ll be detained and arrested??… ah, the questions of life!

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