Gory’s Birthday!

Yep, Gory Pantalones Esquire is officially one! And we got to have his birthday party ON his actual birthday!  

Hers is Mr. Pantalones, trying to sneak is gifts before the party. HIs special birthday shirt was from Rocky The Zombie!  



 Our new friend, Snapdragon and his mommy came to play with us! Gory was very good at using Snapdragon as a stepstool sharing!  


 Gory got a whole toy store some awesome gifts! And his mama helped open them, with Evan on the baby lookout, stopping any other babies from sneaking Gory’s loot!  





See that skull and crossbones diaper? Yep, that is a Nifty Nappy! Jealous, aren’t you? Don’t worry, there will be more pictures, and another whole post about those later on!!!

Posing for the Paparazzi AKA Auntie Elyse!


His best gift ever? Apparently, it was this card. He loved it!

Gory's amp cake, and guitar pick smash cake


Daddy made Gory’s cakes, and even though mommy was nervous about them, they turned out AMAZING! The smaller cake was Gory’s smash cake in the shape of a guitar pick, and the big one was a bass amp with “Heavey” instead of “Peavey” LOL!
Gory was sort of done for, so he did not want to smash OR eat his cake. Poor tired birthday boy……
And these were the party bags that Gory gave to his friends! The lollipops were from Vintage Confections on Etsy, the Soaps were from Casualty on Etsy.
So there you have it! There will be more pictures tricking in for sure, but YAY! Gory Pants is ONE!!!!!!



16 thoughts on “Gory’s Birthday!

  1. Aw Gory and Snapdragon are so cute together!!
    I can’t believe all the smiles over that card, adorable!

  2. Happy 1st Birthday Gory! Today was my sons 2nd Birthday. His actually birthday is February 29th but we wont be able to celebrate on his actual birthday until he turns 4. LOL!

  3. Happy berfday, Gorypants!! Don’t feel bad, Cam didn’t smash her cake that much either… maybe another day you can try again. Right, Mom?? 😉

  4. Awwww Happy Birthday baby boy! We are totally jealous we couldn’t yanno get on our broom & fly out to play! Sigh he’s growing up mama!

  5. He had such an awesome birthday!! … I’m having a sad about the smash cake, as I was scrolling down I was waiting for the SMASHHHHUP..poor tired Pantalones. I can’t believe he’s ONE already!

  6. Happy Birthday Gory! Isabella still doesn’t really get the concept of opening gifts. She likes looking at the paper and it takes about 3 years for her to open one.

  7. Happy Birthday, Gory! The pics are great. I love how the card was his favorite — it kills me when kids like the box or wrapping best. Although that sock punky is awfully cute, too. Looks like it was a great party.

  8. I forgot to say, Snapdragon thoroughly enjoyed being a human rock wall and stepping stool for Gory. I hope we’re not setting him up for a life as a bottom!

  9. Looks like such a fun party! I love the two cakes. Isn’t it funny how tired they get because we’re so eager to fill their parties to the limit – both my kids have pics like those at their first birthday parties toward cake time. Happy Birthday, Gory!

  10. Happy bifday Gorypants!!

    I’m super glad to hear he had a great time and had a big loot!!
    I hope the day wasn’t too awful on the mama though…

    And I wants to have Gory’s cakes!! They were awesome!!

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