Another day…..

On the Gory front, today was more of the same. Leg clinging, whining, mess of a baby. Greg decided this morning to go help someone he does not know move, so I was stuck with the kids for the morning (cause I did not need to work or anything….right?!?!?!) I called him 2 hours later, and demanded that he come home, after Gory took the WHOLE tray off his highchair and threw it across the kitchen, sending scrambled eggs, and potatoes flying all over the floor, counters, cabinets, and walls. There was even some on the ceiling after he threw a fit when I tried to grab him.

Then, when Greg finally arrived, I took Gory BY MYSELF to go get his one year pictures done at his singer’s house (his wife is an amazing photographer). Well, Gory was in no mood for that crap, and we did manage to get some decent shots, but only of him wearing his Rocker Bye Baby tee. The others were…..well. Lemme just put it this way. The boy LOVES his skullie from RBB, and it was shoved in his mouth for most of the close ups, so the Rocky The Zombie tee, and the Nifty Nappy diapers may not make an appearance. Go Gory.

Then tonight, my parents had given Greg and I money to go out for a nice dinner, complete with them babysitting for us for the night. We decided to go to Maggianos. I have a major headache, as I think my hypertension is sneaking back, so I wanted to leave early to grab a glass of wine,. Yeah, Gory was having none of that either,. He screamed, screamed, screamed, and then when we left Maggianos  in a rush, he finally passed the heck out. I think it was from his screaming.

I swear, tomorrow I am working all day. Greg is just gonna have to suck it up, and deal with it. He can handle ONE day, after me doing 6 FULL days this week. 😡


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