Brookiellen Designs- A Special Thank You

This post is long overdue, in my honest opinion. Brookiellen is an amazing artist, and I have been meaning to share her awesomeness with all of you for a long while now! The straw that broke the camel’s back was when my amazing friend sent me this AWESOME tote bag for my birthday this past week!

My Brookiellen Tote:D


The real meat and bones of this post is something that Amber and I talk about all the time. (YES! Brooke, we talk about you! LOL!) Sometimes you buy stuff from someone, and you look at it, and are like “eh, that is cool, and not something that I could make myself” but it is not….well….amazing, you know? There are VERY few times that I get something that I am like “WOW! Look at that stitching! HOLY COW!” Brookiellen is one of those sellers. And that is rare. There are very few people that make my jaw drop on the craftmanship of their items. Just to name-drop here a bit, I would put some of my top seamstress quality-wise to be MTCoffinz, Angry Girl Gear, Indiscretion…..just to name a few. These are sellers that have FLAWLESS seams, IMPECCABLE seam allowances,and construction wise, they are damn near perfect. And I would put Brookiellen into the mix there.

Brooke’s work is amazing, there is not a single stitch that is missed, not a seam that is wonkey, or off center. That is pretty darn hard to do, especially when sewing fold-over elastic on a diaper cover (which I own also) or velcro on a reusable snack bag (of which I own, as well, and like to give as tiny gifts!) She also makes amazing fabric bound journals, and I gave 2 of them to e  Christmas this year. He loves them, and has them hidden under his mattress. (yep, I am THAT mom! LOL!)

I would suggest that you all head on over to Brookiellen’s shop, check out her goodies,and come back and tell me what you love! And since I am nosy, let me know what Brookiellen goodies YOU own!

A big thank you to Brooke, as well, for an amazing birthday gift! I feel blessed to have such an amazing and talented friend!


3 thoughts on “Brookiellen Designs- A Special Thank You

  1. What cracks me up about this is I tend to hold myself to standards like you’re describing, and it drives me nutty when sellers don’t hold themselves as high. For example, got a really cute pouch from a girl the other day, absolutely loving it, til I noticed some egads shoddy construction, and it just made me sad. Okay, done pontificating.
    This is, by the way, the reason I am so reluctant to sell things. If they’re not awesome, and nearly perfect, I don’t think they’re quite worth selling.

    On an ENTIRELY different note, that is an awesome tote, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Going and checking out her shop now.

  2. That’s awesome! Glad to hear about MTCoffinz since I just bought something from her store yesterday!! I didn’t even know you “knew” her! LOL

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