New blog review from Life Happens During Naptime!

My dear friend Madison from Life Happens During Naptime just did a beautiful blog review of the shabby chic bag that I made for her with a matching wetbag. This bag was a huge departure from my normal style, so it was really fun to sorrt of think “outside my skull fabric lined” box. LOL

Bag full of fluffy goodies!

You can find Madison’s review here. The plus-sized bags will be listed in the shop starting sometime tonight. THe increase will be 15$ for a full 3″ extra space on every side. It is perfect for mamas with more then one kiddo incloth diapers, or for an overnight or weekend bag. It is not too bulky, the increase in size still makes the bag comfortable to hold over your shoulder!

Madison's Shabby Chic bag

Next up for tonight and tomorrow, I will be listing my NEW diaper bag style, and a laptop messenger bag! Fun stuff!

Business wise, I also have a few changes worth noting. First is that for the first time EVER, I have my own computer. LIke, I own it, it is mine, and mine only. It is a laptop, which in turn, for the buisiness, means a lot for customers! I am hoping this will cut down on response time when ou contact me, as I can have the laptop available to me when I am hanging out with gory and Evan during the day.  THe other plus side, is that with the increased memory of this computer, it will make it easier for me to list items as I finish them!

The laptop also has a built in webcam, so I can now more easliy take pics of in-progress items, and possibly do some video chats with the cloth diapersing mamas! I know that many of you have een asking Amber and I to do a web-blog of sorts discussing upcoming baby fashion, so now I am locked and LOADED!

This new computer situation will also eliminate the need for the shop to be down when I am on vacation for the summer. We take a few trips during the warmer months with the kids to our lake house, as well as a few road trips, or day trips to the pool. I planfor the most part, to become completely mobile, and all trips longer then 24 hours, I will also be bringing materials, and my machine! 😉 Completely mobile, I tell you what!


5 thoughts on “New blog review from Life Happens During Naptime!

  1. That is sweeeet.. I LOve the colours. And YAY for having your OWN LAPTOP! (that is the way to live!) …

    ..and YOU and AMBER one blog?..Do you want the world to turn itself inside out!?? with awesome??

  2. Glad you enjoyed the review, I know I am enjoying my bag!!! I can’t believe you will be working on vacation. You know what they say, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Make sure you get some Brooke fun time too!

  3. Oh my goodness!! A Brooke & Amber blog? That’s awesome!!

    And yay for Brooke-laptop!! But girl, sometimes vacations should mean vacations as in NOT working! 😉

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