Our Trip to the Children’s Museum

Evan and I on the teeter totter


So, my girlfriend Jess and I decided that we were actually going to venture out into the “real” world, and take the kiddos to the kid’s museum. And by “kids” I mean her little girl, Gory, AND Evan. So I also decided to ask my good friend Mandy from Big City Baby to meet us there! 

Now, before I start with the pictures, lemme share some mommy wisdom from the day, as I feel it is needed. I have 2 boys. One is almost a year old, the other is almost 10. BIG span in ages, here. So I think it was a mistake to take both of them by myself. Jess was busy running after her little one, as was Mandy, so I could not do the “older kid” stuffs with Evan, while holding a squiggly Gory who could not really touch hammers and nails, and could not really reach the water stuff. Visa-versa, Evan was bored to TEARS with the “baby stuff”. My mom actually got us a year pass, so we can go back any time we want, but I think if I am taking both boys at the same time, I need a Gerg backup! 😉 


Gory and sweet B play together!



I think the theme for the day was “lets cram crap into our mouths that does NOT belong there!”

Gory plays with his buddies!


Lite Brite Gory

Gory plays with a larger-then-life lite brite!


Gory rockin' his Rocky The Zombie tee!


Evan hammers away!


Evan blows bubbles for B and MandyAnd finally, later that night, Gerg decided that Gory neededto eat more healthy. Erm.....Gerg? A head of lettuce?**CRUNCH**


5 thoughts on “Our Trip to the Children’s Museum

  1. That must have been a lot of fun!! But yeah, you can’t run after Gory and play with Evan at the same time…
    And tell Gerg that he should start doing the cooking if he disagrees with the menus! Does he realize that healthier will mean more veggies that he doesn’t like?

  2. Let me tell you – it’s hard even when your kids have a 2 year span! Will is so ready to start doing big boy stuff and Mac still jams everything in her mouth a la Gory. But it’ll get better!!

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