My Hardwater Front-loader cloth diaper wash routine.

As some of you know, I have been battling the stink for some time now. It was BAD! So bad that I really almost went back to disposables. But with some help from my Twitter mamas, I finally have it down to a science.

And in my research, I found out that over 95% of all houses in the US have hard water. I had NO clue, so apparently that was part of my problem! On request from one of my most amazing suctomers, and awesome friend, Granolamom, here is my wash routine.

We have a front loader, so it uses less water, which can be tricky. I first load all of the diapers into the washer (pockets all unstuffed). The only thing I do to the diapers PRE-diaper pail is knock off the solids. I run a rinse cycle, like normal, with tap temperature water.

Then, I open the front, and add in about 2 milk jugs worth of clear water from the tap. (I actually took an old milk jug, cut the top off, and just fill it up in the tub, and dump them in). I use about 2 TBSP of Rockin Green detergent, and 1/2 a capful of liquid Calgon. I then run the wash cycle on HOT! I actually turned my hot water heater up a bit on the temperature, so that my hot cycle is HOT HOT HOT!!

Yeah, baby!


That is IT! No extra rinse cycle, toss into th dryer, and DONE! I find the extra water helps with the swiching action, and the Calgon has COMPLETELY eliminated the stink!

Rumor has it that Rockin Green is coming out with a new Hard Water formula. I do know that Crunchy Clean has a formula for hard water, and actually, I have been using that on my regular clothes!

So there you have it, my wash routine!

What is yours?


One thought on “My Hardwater Front-loader cloth diaper wash routine.

  1. Oooh thanks for posting! I already know the city has hard water here so I'm gonna put Calgon on my next shopping list! I want to avoid stinky diapers, especially with all the awesome Nifty nappy diapers 🙂

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