Hey there! Wanna sale?

So, in light of the beautiful beginning of this awesome weekend, I am deciding to offer all my awesome blog readers an amazing sale! And explain a few things that have been happening in the shop as of late.

First things first, many of you have commented on the raise in price of my diaper bags! It stinks when I have to raise prices, but it is all for good reason! I have increased my production over here by over 100% over the past 3 months, and in doing so, I have actually had to add on another “employee” to help with the marketing, answering e-mails, networking, ect. She is amazing, and will really help cut down on lead times for all products in the shop!  That is an expense that is figured into the price difference! Also, I have changed the quality of the materials I am using in my bags! No more twill or plain canvas, the newer material is actually canvas that is called “duck cloth” and in essence, it is more durable, and will be better able to resist wetness and stains! YAY!

Another new addition to the business, was the purchase of my new camera, purchased specifically for shop photos. More about that later!

This next week, I will be listing some additional accessories to the shop, including mommy zipper pouches, matching changing pade, and also an option to increase the dimensions of the exising bag design!

So to celebrate all the going ons over here in the shop, and to raise a glass to one of the best weekends I have had in quite a while, I am having a sale!

All items in the shop will be 5$ off for the REST OF THE MONTH! This includes all new items as they are listed! After the accessories, I will have some new pants patterns, 2 new bag designs, and soakers!

But wait, it gets even better. If you purchase a custom diaper bag from me, you get a free matching changing pad OR wet bag! Your choice! How awesome is that!

Just convo me on Etsy prior to purchase, or e-mail me!  And remember to tweet about it, and tell your friends! Cause the referral program is STILL IN FULL SWING!!!!!!


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