Recipe Heart Attack Mac and Cheese

When we were little, my mom was the QUEEN of making pretty decent meals that could be eaten througout the night, because me and my brother were always in and out with sports, dance, and all that stuff. This was a STAPLE! We loved it so much, that i think for about 5 years in a row, I chose it as my “special birthday dinner” meal. And of course, living in a house full of boys, it is now a staple and family favorite here!

Heart Attack Mac and Cheese

1 large box elbow macaroni
1 bags shredded mozerella
2 bags shredded sharp cheddar
2 cans Campbells cheese soup
2 cans of milk

**to make this a BIT healthier, you can use whole-wheat macaroni, organic cheese and organic skim milk**

Boil macaroni per the box instructions. Drain, and put 1/2 of the noodles into a LARGE glass bowl. Literally, the bowl I use is my potato salad bowl. You can also use a large baking pan if you want to bake in the oven nstead of nuking it. (My mom bakes, I nuke. I guess I have just become lazy)

Mix 1 can of milk, and 1 can of cheese soup in a microwave safe container, and nuke until you can mix it eeasily. Puor mix over the noodles. Toss in 1/2 a bag each of mozerella and cheddar, and mix it in.

Layer in 1/2 of the remaining noodles on top.  Repeat the melting of the remaining cheddar soup and milk, and pour over this layer. Toss in the rest of the first 2 bags of cheese.

Put the last 1/4 of the noodles. Top with the last whole bag of cheddar.

Toss in the microwave for 15 minutes.  Mix.

We eat it wiith bread sometimes. I eat it with salad.

This is AWESOME as leftovers! AWESOME! It is actually BETTER the next day heated up!

This is also rad for a pot luck dish, or for parties, as a side dish! 😉

Family scores from 1-10:

Gerg: 10 Boys love cheese, what can I say!

Moi: 9 Sometimes this is a BIT much for my gall bladder-less body to handle. But I DO love it with Tapatio hot sauce on it! YUM!!

Monkey: 10 THis is Evan’s favorite meal EVER! EVER I tell you!

Gory: This is really easy for G-pants to eat, he loves it!

Final: This has to be out #1 family meal. We eat the leftovers for days. Boy, kid, dad, man, baby, president, yeti approved!


6 thoughts on “Recipe Heart Attack Mac and Cheese

  1. Brooke, I'll have to try this one. mine has like 2 1/2 POUNDS (you read right) of cheese! Mine really is a heart attack just waiting to happen! LOL Sometimes I even put those french fried onions on top (as if all the cheese isn't enough). DELISH!

  2. Holy crap!!! That sounds soooooooooooooo good!!!! (and its totally NOT going to help me lose the extra 50lbs I'm carrying around….) I have a pretty yummy recipe for mac n' cheese that my mum made when I was a kid, but I think the hubs and Boy'o are going to flip over this one!!!! Putting this on my menu for the weekend!!!!!

  3. OMG sooo making this ASAP! YUM…another thing I have learned that is a bit tasty on mac is a sprinkle of lawrys season salt!

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