In answer to everyone’s questions about my resolutions! And a piggy update!

I am really excited that a lot of you are as excited about my resolutions as I am!  I plan to keep track of what I am doing on this blog. Places I find to eat, recipes that I try (that are both kid, baby, and husband friendly! LOL!)  As far as finding places to buy handmade, organtc, and special made cleaning, bath, body, and other products, check out my other blog, Two Girls and A Bar of Soap.  We do a ton of reviews over there, and I plan on oing a ton more over here of stuff that I find that is NOT handmade, but I love because it is organic, or different! I recently found some counter spray that I TOTALLY love, and you all are gonna hear about it!

On that note, a quick update as to why I have been a bit silent these past few days.  I had a ton of orders come in, and have even more streaming in by the day! This called for me doing what I had been putting off for some time now.  I have hired someone to help with the sewing.  He is a close friend, and a beautiful artist.  I will introduce him once he has gotten into the swing of things.  I can run a VERY tight ship, and if stuff isn’t up to my standards, then the crap hits the fan. So keep your fingers crossed that I can have some patience with this exciting new change at Brooke Van Gory!

I have been working pretty non-stop since last Wednesday, and Gerg has been off work since Thursday.  On Friday, he started getting sick, and long story short, both Gerg AND Gory have the swine flu.  It is a very mild case for both of them, and Gerg has really been the only one tested, but we really figure that Gory has it by default, he has been sick since before christmas.   So keeping up with orders, AND tending to a sick hubby AND 10 month old has been TONS of fun!

Not really.

But I am slowly back into the swing of things, and new stuff should be posted in th shop in the next few weeks! Including a new camera bag design, tons of new longies, and fleece soakers and ruffled bloomer soakers!


6 thoughts on “In answer to everyone’s questions about my resolutions! And a piggy update!

  1. I'm glad their swine flu case is mild! Sending lots of *feel better* dust their way. Can't wait to see the new stuff!

  2. sorry to hear they have the piggy flu!!! no fun!!! we had it at our house (yeah, all three of us at the same time…fun!)at the end of October (had to put out a sign so the little trick-or-treaters coudn't come to our sad!) Anyway, we found it was much more mild than the regular flu! We had appts to get the vaccine the same week we got sick, so that was a blessing in disguise!! I'm not big on vaccines (and especially not on being a test dummy!)and I'm sooooo glad none of us took it! Warning: it may come around to hit you twice…the second time a little worse and a few days after you start thinking "hey, I feel all better!"Oh, and thanks for the link to your other blog! I saw that after I made my last post…oops!

  3. You've got to be pretty much amazing. I don't know how you do it all! Good luck with your "employee"! 🙂 Hope the boys feel good soon & that you & Evan avoid the ick!

  4. Glad it's a mild case! The swine flu takes forever to go away. My dad's brother, his wife, my dad, mom, sister and brothers ALL had it and it was a mild but really lingering case. Annnd of course since I'm allergic to egg whites I couldn't have the vaccine, but randomly never got the swine flu. Hope you all feel better soon!

  5. I really hope everything gets back to normal, and you don't have to take care of any more sick Gs!I can't wait to see the new designs!! =D

  6. Oh my heck a custom camera bag too….le sigh….I may have to order one of those come lottery day aka tax returns 😉

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