My New Years Resolutions

As many of you remember, my resolution last year was a big one.  I resolved to NOT purchase any bath or beauty products for the ENTIRE year.  This included deoderant, soap, makeup, laundry detergent ….. the works. I documented my reviews on the products that I likes and did not like over at Two Girls and A Bar of Soap blog with my girlfriend Pili. And to be honest with you, I will never buy any of that crap they sell at Target, Walgreens, or anywhere else for that matter…EVER again. 
So now I needed to top that resolution.
This took a lot of hand thinking on my part.  I already have improved the health of me and my family by my last year’s resolution………
Then it dawned on me.
And here we are.
The TWO resolutions that I have for this year.
1) There will never ever ONCE be a disposable diaper on Gory.  Ever.  Not when I am stripping them, not while I travel, not ever.  I will be 100% cloth.
2) I will not eat anything that is cooked in a fast-food environment.  This allows me to eat out on the rare occasion, but I only wil eat at sit-down restruants, where the food is cooked in a healthy way.  We have a close family friend that owns an amazing Italian restraunt, and all the food is made from scratch, so that is my baseline for food that I will eat when I am not eating a homecooked meal.
And as I have lived up to all the resolutions in the past, I plan to do these 100%, with no backing out, caving, or looking back!
What are your resolutions?

6 thoughts on “My New Years Resolutions

  1. Those are awesome resolutions!!I haven't made any resolutions for this year, but the idea of buying as made handmade things for my everyday life and my presents to others is an ongoing one!

  2. Those are amazing resolutions! Mine are your average run of the mill ones…1.Lose baby weight PLUS more after the Gummi Bear arrives in March(hope to embrace running via the couch to 5k program)2. Get friends and family birthday cards to them on time or early! 3. Make time for crafts!

  3. Awesome resolutions Brookie@ I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in your adventures in the restaurants while searching for healthy options. My resolutions – Buy only DIY cosmetic and hygiene products. Make DIY the first shopping option for all things, this includes presents, to eliminate big corporation shopping.

  4. Great resolutions!! Those are actually two of mine for this year (I'm not officially declaring any resolutions this year though since I tend to break them). I'm starting a weightloss program called PRISM that goes along with eating natural, non-processed foods, and trying to live a "greener" lifestyle (cheesy as it sounds) What did you use instead of commercial cleaning/hygiene stuff? So far, for the past month I've switched to using only baking soda and vinegar for cleaning.

  5. Gotta say that I love your resolutions! I am a little weak on the cloth area… I am washing every other day and still running out with 2 kiddos. This past year I began baking all of our bread and we grew what veg we could and canned up a storm! This year I am going to do even more to take care of my family. So, I really dig your second resolution. Do you ever post your recipes?

  6. Ummm mine is kind of shallow compared to yours. I'd like to lose all the baby weight from Muffin. I did it fast with Moose and I'd like to do it by the end of the year with the Muffin-head.So to make me seem less shallow I will also say that I am going to strive to do my best to make world peace a reality. (Insert eye roll)

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