BEST OF 2009

So, at the end of 2009, this is my “best of” list for the year.  And I have to say, what a year it was! Gory Pantalones entered this world in February, Brooke Van Gory took off in a uge way, and I have met lots of really cool people along the way!  So here is my “best of” list! Feel free to comment away and let me know if you agree!

Best of 2009
Best on-line Bestie
Suprised much? If I don’t talk to this girl on the phone at least once every other day, the cosmos are not aligned, and we need to prepare for Armageddon.  You can find her shop here, her Etsy shop here, and read all about her punk rock baby-mama life here on her blog!
Best baby clothing
Rhi pretty much rocks my baby clothing world.  She makes clothes for me, too, which means Gory and I can do the retarded “mommy and me” dress-alike thing.  Just for kicks! Her Etsy shop is here.
Best cloth diaper
I have 2 of these.  Because Gerg insists on using pockets still.  We actually have weeded out all of our Bum Genius pockets (believe me when I say, those will be on the worst-of list) and he finally has settled comfprtable into using Fuzzi Bunz one-size for all of his diapering! They come in fun colors, and thye are very daddy friendly!
My best of is of course, Nifty Nappy.  They are the ONLY fitteds that will take Gory all night, and have ghim dry in the morning.  Paired with a pair of my fleece longies, they are bullet proof.  If I can only get Gerg to not be freaked out that they ar enot “waterproof”.
Best makeup
Hands down Glittersniffer Makeup is my best of this year.  You cannot get anything better then this, people.  Her colors are fabulous, whether you use her lime green “Brooke” or her subdued “Kim.  You will NOT be dissapointed.
Best non-shopping website
I read this site every day.  It is from Ariel, the brain and beauty behind Offbeat Bride (the website and book that got me through my wedding!) Well, arien is not only a brand-new mama, but she is bringing her offbeat style to parenting! Amazing reviews, interviews, and DIY tips and tricks that make being a parent so much more enjoyable and fun!
Best mommy blog
This was hard to narrow down to just one.  There are LOTS of mommy blogs that are amazing, and I love all the mamas that support me.  I check my reeading list every day on all of them, but Madison really takes the cake.  Moose is just too cute for words, and with Muffin on the way, I feel like I am catching up with an old friend every post I read!

6 thoughts on “BEST OF 2009

  1. aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. *tear* I love it 🙂 So proud that I made the online bestie… you are TOTALLY mine too 🙂 I think I might have to steal this idea… and do a BEST OF 2009 for myself ;)oh, p.s. your links dont work 😉

  2. A great wrap-up of the year! Can't wait to see what awesomeness you get into in 2010!Sheika

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