Brooke Van Gory DEEP coustomer discounts! Start saving tons on all your BVG favorites!

This past year has blessed with such awesome, loyal customers.  I feel so blessed, and this coming up year, I want Brooke Van Gory Designs to keep getting bigger, and better!
As a huge thank-you to all my awesome friends, and current customers, in 2010 I will be starting the Brooke Van Gory Referral Club! That is right, just by telling your friends, co-workers, and on-line communities, you will be saving big time on everything that Brooke Van Gory has to offer! Totally rad, right? Well, it gets even better! Not only do you save, but the people that you refer to me will save too! Here is how it works!
You will tell me that you want to be in the referral program (e-mail me, tweet me, Facebook me, text me, however you wanna drop me a line!). I will enter your name on the program master list found here.
Tell everyone that you refer to me that they must let me know prior to their purchase that YOU sent them.  Either via convo on Etsy, or by e-mail.  They will recieve FREE SHIPPING on all of the items that they order!
As soon as I know that you referred a customer, then you will be given credit for that sale! Each sale is equal to 5$ off your order at BVG.  The referrals will be tracked on the spreadsheet.  So if you refer 2 people that make purchases, they both get free shipping, and you will have 10$ off your order! Refer 14 people that place orders, and you get the equivelant to a free diaper bag!
To redeem your referral points, you will need to notify me prior to purchase.
And remember, the new website is up and running, so you can refer people there, too! Just remember to remind people to mention you when they purchase! 😉 If they place the order with Rocker Bye Baby, just have them shoot me an e-mail, and I will refund them via Paypal!
This new year, be ready for some BIG things coming from me on the design front! We have teamed up with Rocky The Zombie for some rad one of a kind diaper bag and purse designs.  I have 2 new bag designs in the works.  Plus, I will be expanding my fleece line to include soakers for the summer months, and some new accessories like changing pads to match your diaper bag, adjustable strap options, and tons of other stuff!
Also, we will be getting some photos done of some bags by the amazingly talented Beki Dawn Photography. You all should check out her work, it is breathtaking!
Remember to subscribe to this blog to keep up-to-date on all the going ons here at Brooke Van Gory!
And here is to a bright, beautiful 2010!

5 thoughts on “Brooke Van Gory DEEP coustomer discounts! Start saving tons on all your BVG favorites!

  1. Wooohooo!!That's a brilliant idea! I do plan to get loads of Gory pants for the nieces & nephew so I'll have to start referring people like mad! 😉

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