My love affair with Nifty Nappy diapers and 15% DISCOUNT!!

I am admitting it right here on the blogosphere.  I am in love, it is true.  I am having a big fat love affair with my Nifty Nappy fitted diapers. Gory big fat hearts them, too, and we wanna shout it from the rooftops!!!  Lemme go back to the beginning.

Gory has a buddy named Moose, and his mommy runs Life Happens During Naptime.  Well, she reviewed Nifty Nappy and had a giveaway with the review.  She said that she loved them so much, that she actually tried them one night FOR BEDTIME!  For all of you NOT in the know, a fitted has NO WATERPROOF LAYER! It is essentally bamboo fleece, hemp, bamboo velour, and some knit fabric all sandwiched together.  She had a lanolinized woolie wrap over it, but that WAS IT!!!!  All fabric, for ALL NIGHT!!  I was nervous for her…I was biting my nails.  I did not want poor Moose Man to wake up in a puddle of pee.

The next day, I checked withher….and WOW! Moose made it through! I was totally sold, so I ran and grabbed one for Gory to try, along with a woolie wrap.  When it got here, I washed it a few times, and slapped that sucker straight on Gory’s bum!  The first time, it did leak.  Wanna know why? Cause I totally did not put it on right, like a nerd.  The second time…….

Well…..You all might not believe this……….

NOT ONLY were there no leaks…..but after 3 hours of wearing the diaper….the OUTSIDE of the diaper was STILL DRY!!!  I mean…this diaper is THIN! It sucked up THAT MUCH PEE!!!!  I decided to live on the edge.  I let Gory play for a few hours around the house (sitting on the carpet, sitting on my lap, ect) with NO cover on at all! Just the diaper, no waterproof barrier, and we had no dapmness on the outdside of the diaper! NONE! I swear to you I am not lying.

Vilate over at Nifty Nappy is a wonderful mama, who is a WHAM to 6 kiddos.  Her work is flawless on her diapers.  Seriously, she has me sold on fitteds.  They let Gory’s sensitive skin breathe, and are SO cute to boot!

**If they would have nad Nifty Nappy diapers on board the Titanic, they could have plugged that hole up with them, and made it the rest of the trip!**

Right now, Vilate is offering up a HUGE deal on her diapers!!!  She wants to give my friends 15% off any order that you place until January 31! All you have to do it run over to her shop, and enter in the code NEWNAPPY at checkout!

And, because after you do that, you want to thank me for leading you down the right path of diaper nirvana, you can come back here, and let me know that you purchased a Nifty Nappy! That means that I can order more for myself, and get 50% off my order!!!!! Plus, you are gonna tell me what prints you chose, cause well….I am a nosey lady, and I wanna oogle your choices!!!!!


8 thoughts on “My love affair with Nifty Nappy diapers and 15% DISCOUNT!!

  1. This cracked me up! So many diapers to try. If I am able to get on the Nifty Nappy craze (and I'm seeing references to them everywhere), I will definitely come back here so you can get your 50% off! :0)

  2. Just ordered a pink Giraffe combo!!! So excited for Miss Ainsley to try out Gory's nighttime pick! Order number 57 Vilate says you can order something now!

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