Some really rad blog mentions!

I am stressed.  Beyond stressed.  I think between myself and Amber over at RBB, we are about to take over the punk rock baby universe. If we both don’t have a mental break down first!

What makes all this worth it? Awesometastic customers, and other bloggers like these two that blogged me JUST today!

It has made my crazy day of Gory not napping, biting metwice, and me running out of needles for my machine TOTALLY worth it.!

First is Madison over at Life Happens During Naptime! She got an awesome homemade dinner from her hubby this weekend, and also mentioned the RAD Moose pants I made her Moose Man! She will be reviewing them in the near future, so go follow her, and keep an eye out!

The second is Heather over at Self-Inflicted DIY! She blogged me in the first of her 12 Days of Christmas blog posts! Pili and I are hosting a giveaway of her soaps on the Two Girls and A Bar of Soap Blog (if you have not entered then FOR SHAME!).  SO go follow her blog, cause she is one amazing mommy, and DIY crafty diva! And while you are there reading her post, please feel free to be in awe over that pic that she has of me.  I totally forgot about that one, it is one of my favorites! It was taken at the top of the Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier on a trip there with one of my besties Piper!

Hopefully, the next blog post, I will be free of all these Christmas orders! Keep your fingers crossed!


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