The Gory Drama AKA his fun ride to the ER in an Ambulance

Gory has been fed, has walked his required 382973297 laps around the house with mama, ate his O’s, berries, and Yo-Baby, and the first laundry load of the day is done.
Change his diaper, and get him ready for the morning nap (AKA work time for Mommy)
Put Gory down in front of his mirror in the hallway, his back about 4 feet from the front of the washer. Said “Sit right here, mama is going to grab this pile, put it on the shelf in the closet (7 feet away) then we are going to have our naps!
5 seconds later:
I hear HORIBLE screaming, and run 3 feet around the corner, and see that he has somehow crawled about 8 feet, to BEHIND the washing machine, and tipped a WHOLE BUCKET OF POWDER OXY-CLEAN INTO HIS FACE! I grabbed him, and the now 1/2 empty bucket of Oxy-Clean, and jumped into the shower with him, fully clothed, and started irrigating his face. I read the bucket, and it said to irrigate for 15 minutes, and consult emergency personnel.  I grabbed my phone out of my hoodie (now soaked) called 911.
The ambulance, a fire truck, and 2 police cruisers pull up, and everyone flew in through the front door (that had been unlocked, thank GOD! The paramedics grabbed a soaked Gory, who is screaming and vomiting, and my winter coat, the Oxy-Clean bucket and a blanket all in one grab, and run out to the ambulance.
I run out to the ambulance, in full hystaria, and get into the passenger side.  Gory is on a stretcher in the back, screaming with 2 paramedics, and the first one tells me to buckle up, and a police officer asks me for all my information. I give it to her, the sirens go on, and we rush to the hospital.
We arrive at the hospital, and Gory is not screaming anymore, and smiles at me when we are walking in.  The doctors hook him up to moniters, and check all his vitals.
Why am I telling you all of this.  My horrible failure today as a mother, for not watching my son and almost causing him irreversible harm?
1. I was told by the doctors and the paramedics that the only reason that Gory did not have serious injury to his eyes, face, nose, or mouth is because I reacted so quickly with the irrigation.  The paramedics actually said that the majority of the cases they see like this turn out really badly, and it was because of my quick thinking that Gory left the hospital 3 hours later OK, with only some tiny burns on his face.
2. This is to PROVE to all the parents out there that think they will have lightening fast reflexes that they DO NOT! A baby can move quicker then you can imagine, and literally, it took less then 5 seconds for Gory to get into what he did.
Give your babies big hugs tonight. I know I did! And know what to do in case of a poison emergency, please! Also, keep the number for Poison Control on a speed dial on your phone if you are a parent, or someone that is frequently around children, you NEVER know when you may need it, and better safe then sorry!
For a poison emergency in the U.S. call 1-800-222-1222

21 thoughts on “The Gory Drama AKA his fun ride to the ER in an Ambulance

  1. Im so sorry girlie… like I told you this morning… izzaq did the same thing… about the same age… but with the OxyClean Spray… shit happens. And it really really sucks.. but like YOU said… theyre boys. They get into everything… destroy everything… etc etc. we just CANT protect them from everything… yesterday my cousins daughter was in their bedroom with daddy when Angie heard screams… what was it? Daddy turned his back, in the same room, and lil cousin pulled the entire dresser down on herself… split her head open, and required 100 stitches inside and out… bad parenting? No way… they were RIGHT there… but in a split second anything can happen… dont be too had on your self. your an awesome mommy. Love you.

  2. That is so incredibly scary. I'm so glad you were so composed (even though you probably didn't feel like you were!) to do the right thing & I'm glad Gory is ok!

  3. I am so happy the baby is okay!! This happened to my daughter my son sprayed her down face and body with febrezze, we were in the hospital three days with her in and out her eyes were swollen shut 😦 Its so scary I am sooo happy your baby is okay!!

  4. Ok first of all I want you to know that I am very upset with you for leaving me hanging all day after saying that Gory was rushed to the Hospital! Ok now that I am done mothering you, WAY TO GO MOM for knowing to jump right in that shower!!! I am SO glad you did. Your poor boy! And thank you for sharing your experience, we moms need to learn from each other. You are right, sometimes I am careless and think "Oh he won't get into anything" and its foolish! Babies are like lightning. *Deep breath* Glad he's okay, praying for a quick full recovery.

  5. Poor little mite. Don't beat yourself up about it though!! Things happen even if your right there! Few years ago my husband made my daughter tea and while steeping she pulled it on top of herself. Missed her face (thank God) but burned the crap out of her underarm and chest. (She's cool now, no scars or anything) Also pulled a bookshelf down on herself last year and broke her wrist. All we can do is try our best! Very glad he is ok though! Hell if anything he knows not to do that anymore right, lesson learned the hard way but learned none the less.

  6. I am so glad that your little one is OK. I have had my own mothering failure with my eldest daughter. When she was 12 months old, I caused her to need 4 stitches in one of her eyebrows. The idiot that I am, I was holding her on my hip and trying to get something out of the front seat of my car. One thing lead to another and BOOM I busted her face on the corner of the car door. WE went to the ER and they had to strap her into one of those papoose things. I cried almost the whole time ad I had to explain what happened about 10 different times. I was so lucky I didn't blind her. She is 3, almost 4 and all she knows is that she has a scar in one of her eyebrows. Just hang in there and remember that he is alright.

  7. DAMN YOU, BILLY MAYS!I'm glad that Gory is okay. Kids do move lightning fast and it's of course when you aren't looking that they do something dangerous.

  8. Holy crap, Brooke! I would have been so scared! I've always been the one in the family with the fast reflexes. Crazy things have happened with my nephew, and his momma just freaks out and freezes up. Good thing I was always there with her and sprang into action. I'm glad to hear Gory is okay. I hope he recovers and is back to his crazy, destructive self soon! *hugs*

  9. My poor Brookers!! What an AWFUL scare!! *HUGE HUGS*But, big big BIG kudos on having such awesome reflexes about jumping right away in the shower! Go Brooke!I'm really glad to hear that Gory is ok, and that he is ok because he has an awesome mama that knew what to do!I just wish I could give you a big HUG!!

  10. wow, wow, wow. so scary! Great reflexes on your part to get him in the shower & call 911 so quickly. I am putting the Poison Control number on speed dial on my cell phone right now! my girlie is 2.5 years old and has shown me time and time again that she is lightning fast. So glad that everything turned out okay. THanks for sharing this.

  11. Wow, how scary! I'm glad he's going to be okay – it sounds like you did a great job reacting! Boys can be so scary (I'm sure girls can, too, but I don't have experience with them.) My oldest, when he was just over 2, took a 6" PVC pipe and walked away from my husband with it. He had only taken a couple of steps when he tripped and fell on the pipe, pushing two of his top front teeth in and puncturing the bottom of his mouth. We also ended up in the ER, and with a pediatric dentist. He's almost 4 now, and somehow the teeth survived and straightened back out.But it's so scary to know how easily they can be hurt, even when you are standing right there!

  12. Poor Gory, and even more so poor Brooke.. seriously you must have been panicing so much and so scared, it shows what a GOOD PARENT you are that you did not even stop to think, you just acted, and Gory is TOTALLY FINE because of that… I've heard news stories of parents in cases like this even grabbing cameras to take a picture. Sad but true.

  13. That is seriously scary! I depend on my kids to be fine for "just a second" so many times when I shouldn't! I'm so impressed by your quick thinking and so glad that your little guy is doing so well. Although this was scary, your quick thinking made all of the difference. My kids are both napping, but I'd really like to grab them to hug right now.

  14. That's exactly right. The reason he is ok is because you reacted so quickly. Babies are like greased lightning when they want to explore something. Don't beat yourself up. You aren't a bad mom. Quite the opposite. It happens, you rescued him quickly. You weren't far away doing something else. Good for you for reacting so quickly. I'm sorry you had to go through the drama. xo

  15. That sucks, but as a parent Scary shit happens. I am glad that everyone will be ok.

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