12 Days of Reviews Day 6 A Dame Named Redd

In doing these reviews, I found myself really scratching my head today trying to figure out what I wanted to review for the day.  And then it hit me.  DUH! Why not tell all my readers about the lip balm that I literally CANNOT live without, and need to re-order cause I use it so damn much?

Last Christmas, I ordered some of Redd’s Nom Nom Nom Balm for Monkey, who like most weird little boys, has the most DISGUSTING cracked lips.  Yep, ordered it for him. I stole it, and I am not giving it back. 

This lip balm pretty much rocks my mommy world, I love the flavor, and it is not all dry like a lot of other balms that I have bought off Etsy have been.  It goes on smooth, and tasted SO good, that sometimes I like to trick myself and say it is my nightly desert.  Calorie free, of course! And it comes in mouth-watering flavors like Strawberry Smoothie, Sour Peaches, Chocolate Dipped Macaroon, and Cheeky Chai.

Now, ALMOST as radical as the balm INSIDE the tube is the label, which is pink…..and features a SQUIRREL! Heck yes, a squirrel! I love it, and I actually show random people the tube while I am out and about, spreading the Redd love, via unabashedly waving the squirrel adorned tube in their face.

Redd also makes some really cool jewelry, like this cute little number:

Yep, that is exactly what you think it is! A Tetris charm bracelet! Redd is known for her Tetris jewelry, and any of those pieces would be so cool as a stocking stuffer for your favorite geek!
Redd is an awesome Canadian crafter, and one visit to her shop will wow your socks off! And then it will make you really hungry. I have a sudden urge for Italian cookies.

4 thoughts on “12 Days of Reviews Day 6 A Dame Named Redd

  1. Redd makes THE BEST lip balm, I can't use anything else now!!!My favorite is Oh la la Vanilla, second is probably Vanilla Mint, but I haven't met one I didn't like!

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