12 Days of Reviews Day 4 SELF INFLICTED DIY!

I know some of you know of my love affair with Self Inflicted’s soaps.  There is not a single other soap that we use in this house.  Even on Gory’s severely problem skin, this soap is perfect, and it smells good, to boot! The olive oil soap is super duper moisturizing, and the oatmeal soap has a tiny bit of exfoliants, but it is still gentle enough that Gory uses it every day! It rally takes care of his flaky eczema spots, and when he is done, he smells like a vanilla cupcake!

But……the one person in the house that is not having a complete love affair with Heather’s soaps is Monkey.  It is not that he does not love the SOAP….he just is a typical 9 year old boy, and is not a fan of showering in general.  If you have a pre-teen boy in the house, I am sure you are right there with me!

Well, one day when I was chatting with my Twitter mommy friends, I had a BRILLIANT idea! What if I had a soap that would “bribe” him into cleaning himself? Awesome, right? And of course, I immediatly thought of Heather! Some testing bars later, and this baby was born!

Yep, that TOTALLY is what you think it is, it is a dollar bill embedded in her already awesome soap! I ran it past Monkey after I ordered my first bar, and he was SO excited to get it! (He secretly thought he could somehoe karate chop the bar to get the money out) Not only is Monkey more clean now, but he actually took a shower every other day for the past 2 weeks! And the money is STILL in there (though barely, so I know he is actually USING the soap! LOL)
Not just for kids, this soap would make such a cool stocking stuffer, or gag gift! Heather also has lots of really cool soaps in her shop, along with a ton of holiday scents and shapes! She sent me a sample of “Drunken Christmas” and let me tell you, I have it in my bathroom by the sink, and there is not a single person that washes their hands with it, that does not come out, and inquire where I got it! It smells awesome!
Heather also makes a ton of really cool DIY clothing, and some eco-friendly items, as well, so hop on over to her shop, and take a look around! If you want a bigger soap bar, go ahead and shoot her a message, I am sure she would love to whip one up for you!

4 thoughts on “12 Days of Reviews Day 4 SELF INFLICTED DIY!

  1. I love Heathers soaps, sadly I'm still yet to make a purchase.. although this will change soon I'm sure ;)The money soap is awesome, I want to get Hud one.. but it's a dollar.. and we don't do dollar..!

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