12 Days of Reviews Day 3 ROCKY THE ZOMBIE!

Rocky the Zombie is an amazing shop on Etsy run by an amazing friend Rhiannon, that I have had the pleasure to know for quite some time. She is an amazing person, and an even more amazing artist. 

Rocky the Zombie was named after the boxer dog that Rhi owned, named Rocky.  Sadly, Rocky was hit by an asshat driver that was a douche bag, and poor Rocky passed away, but his name lives on with Rhi’s amazing shop on Etsy!

The whimsical little zombies that Rhi paints really are ageless, I own 2 tees that I wear all the time.  Tons of people ask me where I got them, and since Rhi never gives me many cards **cough** to hand out, I have become very handy at jotting down her address on napkins, reciepts, and what not! It is a topic of many conversations whenever I am sporting my Rocky gear!

Then, when Gory was still “the alien” (that is what we referred to him as when I was pregnant) Rhi teamed up with another amazing artist, Kylie of Fabulously Fierce, and they made me an AMAZING lampshade for the nursery to match the 3 Rocky paintings I already had purchased! So Gory now resides in a Rocky The Zombie nursery, which is amazing! He even has a painting right above his changing table that he talks to while he is being changed!

Gory also has a bunch of onsies and tees, that he sports around the town! He really is a hit with the ladies when he wears his Rocky tees, the ladies LOVE the zombie prints! Now, Gory needs one of her newest print, Octopus Love, which I think I will grab as soon as my fingers are done typing this review! šŸ˜‰

A Rocky The Zombie tee would be the perfect gift for anyone on your list this year, whether it is for a baby, toddler, adult, or YOURSELF! There is a pretty large sale section right now in the shop, with some AMAZING deals.  She is in the UK, so if you want it in time for Christmas, grab it now!


5 thoughts on “12 Days of Reviews Day 3 ROCKY THE ZOMBIE!

  1. I also have three Rockythezombie tees, I'm sending one for Anya for Christmas and one for RD too. And I need of her new hoodies!!

  2. i love rocky too! i have 5 shirts of my own and i too wish i had cards to hand out to people! so rhi, next shirt or hoodie i get – please add in some extras!

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