12 Days of Reviews Day 2 ROCKER BYE BABY!

You all know I pretty much heart Amber, owner, designer, mommy extroidanare, and the brains behind Rocker Bye Baby more then pretty much anything on the face of the planet already.  But what a lot of you might not know, is that in all actuality, the products that Amber makes are really pretty rad.  Not only are the EXTREMELY well made, but Amber uses the highest quality of materials in her items.  Truth be told, when we were both just starting out (right about the same time, as far as I remember) she was making blankies with the minkey they sold at JoAnns.  Not saying that it is HORRIBLE, but I have one of those blankets.  Yeah.  After 2 washes……the minkey sucked.

Fast forward to today, I own 4 of her blankets for Gory, plus skullies (lovies) a neck car rester thing (that Gerg loves the hell out of, it keeps G-man’s head from resting on his chest when he falls asleep), changing pads, a cart cover, a boppy cover….I thin kI am missing a few more.  The point I am trying to make is, Amber cut the crap, and started to use REALLY awesome quality minkey.  I literally wash the blankets every week, and they are still as soft, if not softer as the day I got them.  That is pretty much unheard of in the baby world! Minkey that STAYS MINKEY!

Amber also makes crib bedding, complete with bumper pads with butter soft minkey, soft flannel quilt, a crib skirt, and a throw pillow.  Seriously, this is some seriously cute baby stuff right there! Even Angie Everhart got a set!

Oh, that’s right, did I mention that Amber also has famous tots are sporting her stuff? Yep, Tori Spelling’s little guy wears his Regent Skulls polo out all the time! BUT…I will not include a picture of him here, because THIS picture is WAY CUTER! Amber has 2 of the ALL TIME most adorable boys on the face of the planet, and I am gonna embarass myself by admiting that sometimes I stalk her shop just to look at the cute pics of Izzaq and his girlfriend Maddie! 😡

I digress……

This is a really rad day for me to do this review, because not only do I think that EVERYONE should hop on over to Amber’s shop, and grab a cool blankie, Skullie, or set of booger bashers for under the tree, but Amber is also doing something amazing.  She has chosen 2 families to gift to for the holidays, and we are helping her to do that, to make the season ALL that more special for families in need.  These families are both in a really tight spot, and both have new additions on the way! We have a large box here being shipped out on Monday of baby and toddler stuff! If you have the means, I would love it if my readers could pitch in too! Amber has a blog post up about the families, but if you have nothing to give, even a few $ through Paypal to cover some shipping costs would be much appreciated (It will cost Amber around 40-60$ to ship everything)

This family is a family that loves Rocker Bye Baby, and we all love supporting such an amazing mommy, and an amazing business!  Thank you Amber, for rocking my world!


5 thoughts on “12 Days of Reviews Day 2 ROCKER BYE BABY!

  1. She really is amazing! And I absolutely love buying stuff from her shop!G already commented how she's gonna become rich when we have kids of all the stuff I'll buy!

  2. I j'adore the cheetah minky blanket – that is RIGHT up Cameron's alley. Actually there are a ton of things on there that I want. LOL

  3. Amber rocks. I've already put my request to Hud for a RockerByeBigGirlie blanket.. I need it for my sofa in my craft room. I always snuggle in my blanket while I work.. it helps!I just need to pick what I want combo.. thats the hardest part.

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