I have to post this. My BAD BOY! Good thing he is SO cute!

These past 72 hours have been a whirlwind. I am completely busy with a bunch of orders that need to get out ASAP, and I feel a bit stressed. So I have been thinking, instead of HIRING someone to help with the sewing, I am sure Gory Pantalones, the custest baby on the face of the planet will behave himself.
Gory just started crawling last week, so he is hot to trot.  He does not want to sit, he wants to GO GO GO GO! And not only that, he wants you to WATCH him GO GO GO! If your eyes waver, he screams.
So fast forward to yesterday.  Evan and Gerg were haveing Manwich for dinner (I was eating a salad, I won’t eat a sloppy joe if you pay me) and Monkey gave Gory a bite. Gory spit it back out immediatly, which was really weird, he eats EVERYTHING! He eats veggies, meat, you name it, the kid will eat it. not 2 minutes later, he started to get crabby.  Well NO CRAP little man, you SKIPPED your afternoon nap! SO I went to wipe him down, and wiped….wiped….wiped.  The manwich was NOT coming off! Weit….no. That is not manwich….it is huge burn-like hive things!!!!!!! SHIT! So I grabbed Gerg, we stripped him, and I called the doctor.  All they said was CALL 911! Well, I am not calling 911 unless the kid is not breathing, or something.  So Monkey and I ran to Target, grabbed some benadryl, made a rushed call to a friend that has kiddos for dosing (thanks lady, you are a LIFESAVER!) and ran back home. Gory was playing with Gerg, laughing, and playing, and all red and his cheek was swollen really bad, as was his arm. So I doesd him, washed him, and got him to bed.
He then woke up at 2am (yes, I was still UP WORKING!) and did not go back to sleep.  Forward AGAIN to 9am, he is STILL awake, and I am trying to get him (and myself) down for a nap.  I tried his crip, screaming like crazy, so I laid him in my bed, and he thought it was funny to climb all over me like a jungle gym.  Then he tries to pull himself up on the windowsill at the head of my bed. And proceeds to fall, and rip his frenulm IN HALF! For those of you that do not know, that is the flap of skin that attaches your top lip to your gums.
So, bleeding ALL OVER, I rush him to the doctor, bleeding from his mouth, and the burn-like marks still all over his face and arm.  God help me, I actually almost called Amber in tears.
So.  Turns out they could FIX him frenulm “for cosmetic reasons” **who is gonna see THAT!?!?!?!** and his skin?? Not an allergic reaction, but contact dermatitis, and ezcema!
SO I went home, and made him take a nap with me.  1 hour.  And NO afternoon nap.  I have had 1 hour of sleep in 48 hours.  Fun. And I sit here at midnight. Typing this.
I love Gory, but he has turned into a biting (yep, he BITES me. ALL THE TIME) crawling, teething, skin rash TERROR! I can’t get work done, and I am exhausted.
That is all.  I guess my rant is over.  I have bag straps to sew.

7 thoughts on “I have to post this. My BAD BOY! Good thing he is SO cute!

  1. oh honey. Im sorry 😦 😦 😦 i wish i could help!! Its just a tough age… just hang in there… call me WHENEVER you need to vent… or cry… sleep when you can… and drug him with tylenol. I MEAN! just kidding… no really… don't do that… use whiskey. AHH! no! totally kidding… i don't know whats going on… whoa… what just happened. I blacked out, lol

  2. My poor Brookers!! *big hugs*You need to get some sleep whenever he does, and you need to set up times for Gerg to watch over Gory while you work or nap!

  3. Oh my! That is a really good run of stuff to deal with on so little sleep!I, for one, as a Mama of 4, would *never* admit to having used any substance with the intention of "encouraging" my toddlers to sleep… you can't prove anything…"There was never a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him asleep." ~EmersonHugs, Beth/BabyEtte

  4. Brooke, it's all about the triple drug cocktail (DCFS moles, please cover your eyes)… Benedryl, Motrin, Cough Syrup. I don't care if he's sick or not! My mom is an ER nurse and whatever it takes to get him to sleep now & then is OKAY! Hang in there! Oh and where do you live again? Maybe one day next week he could come play over here? I swear I won't drug him. πŸ™‚

  5. Thank god I already ripped out that uterus of mine… with an ice pick. Ok, I did it moments after reading this post.Good lord, woman, you need REST.

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