12 Days of Reviews Day 1 Bare Bellies!

You know it, I know it, we all know it.  It is no secret, I love skulls.  Give me pretty much anything with a skull head on it, and I am sold! So searching on Etsy for fun stuff for Gory with a skull on it, I came across Bare Bellies.  Pure love! Their designs are so cool, and they had wonderful feedback! The shop is run by two mamas, and all of their tees are printed on American Apparel or Alternative Apparel shirts!  There are opther rocker type tees in the shop, but of course I decided to go with the skull head!
When it came in the mail, I was AMAZED at how soft it is! I even went so far as to rub my cheek on it! Perfect for my little bare belly! And Gory loves it too! It is the perfect lounge around tee, and it is so cute!
PLUS! Here is another amazing thing that they do! If you e-mail them a picture of your little rock star in a Bare Bellies tee, they will send you a 20% off coupon code!
These tees are the perfect thing for a stocking stuffer this holiday season, or a gift for the kid that has EVERYTHING in the toy department, and needs a cool comfy tee to play with them in!

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