What a BLACK weekend!

So, after ALL the excitement built up, and the tons of sewing and listing in preperation, big fizzle.  I think a lot of shops this year on-line had not as many sales, because of people trying to brave the crowds at actual brick and mortar shops!
But, I wanted to share with you what I DID get this Black Friday!
This adorable Orange skull and crossbones elephant from RosebudsBo Star for Gory.
This skater tee from totalradness for Evan
I took advantage of the sale over at RG Natural Babies, and grabbed 4 Fuzzi Bunz on sale!

And some random hoodie and books off Amazon.

Now that I look at all of it, I think maybe Christmas is gonna be a little light on the gifts this year! LOL! Geebuz!

One thought on “What a BLACK weekend!

  1. My Black Friday shopping was done online (I'm not gonna jump on a plane just for that, thank you very much), but I just got a few prints that I've my eye on before… but since the sale is weekend long on Etsy, I might indulge on something else!The elephant is so super cute!!

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