RG Natural Babies Black Friday FIASCO!

I say fiasco because that is what it is…..a SALES FIASCO!
Lemme give you a little bit of a background.  The owner of RG Natural Babies, Michelle is a wonderful woman I met on Twitter.  She is a hard working mommy to two (her youngest little guy, Noah, is only a week or 2 younger then Mr. Gory Pantalones!).  And she has one of the best baby sites here on the web! It is chalk full of amazing stuff like cloth diapers, toys, squeaky shoes, mattresses, potty training pants, mommy must-haves.  There is really so much I could list, but the one thing that I LOVE about her site? She has a REGISTRY! Amazing, right? I wish I had known when Gory was coming!
This Black Friday, she has some amazing deals on Bum Genius OS diapers, Leg Huggers,  and a ton of other really cool baby items!
Michelle is amazing, and I believe in her and her shop so much, that I wanted to help her out in my own little way.  So I am blogging about her amazing sale coming up this Friday! But I would not let you all wander away with that, now would I? Nah…..
Michelle has given me the change to give 2 lucky readers of my blog a chance to save even more this Friday!
One reader will get 5$ off an order over 25$ with code CBCBF5
One reader will get 10$ off an orderover 55$ with code CBCBF10
Each one of these codes will be able to be used only once, and then they will be inactive! So here is what I suggest you do.  Head over to the shop, fill up that basket of yours, and right after midnight, place your order, and be the first to grab the coupon!
But wait….there’s more.  Michelle is giving tons of freebies with every order, depending on what price tier you are at when you checkout! She offers free shipping on TONS of stuff in her shop EVERY day, but during Blakc Friday, samples of Rockin’ Green Detergent, Soap Nuts, and lots of other products are up for grabs!
And if that all was not enough, here is the BEST part of this Black Friday amazingness! When you place an order, ANY order, you will be placed into a drawing for a brand new Thirsties Duo Diaper. Plus, any order over 100$ will be entered into a drawing for 2 pocket diapers, and a wet bag of YOUR CHOICE!
Michelle is such an amazing mommy, an awesome WHAM, and is really a beautiful person.  I am proud to call her a member of MY internet family.  And I wanted to offer her customers something amazing, as a thank you from me for supporting my beautiful friend.
ANYONE that places an order over 100$ at RG Natural Babies from Black Friday to Cyber Monday will be entered into a drawing for a brand new, FULLY custom Brooke Van Gory diaper bag! That is a 60$ value! So you get some AWESOME baby goodies, and you have a chance to get an awesome diaper bag to tote it all around in!
After you are done shopping, come on back here, and tell me what goodies you got! Cause you all know I am nosey, and wanna know! 😉
Happy shopping!

3 thoughts on “RG Natural Babies Black Friday FIASCO!

  1. Thanks for the Kreativ Award, Brooke! Sorry it took me forever to get around to it. You're so freaking awesome!Sheikahttp://OMGcow.blogspot.com

  2. I got the 5/$25 coupon! Bought 2 diapers & got a free Rockin Green sample & a free Doubler!Yay.Thanks girlie for making me spend money that I wouldn't have, haha but I felt sad knowing there was a coupon out there not being used, lol

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