The Holly Jolly Ornament Exchange!

I was involved in the Ornament Exchange hosted by Jessie over at MomaLovebug! I love her blog, and I love her, and her little lovebug, too! She is a Twitter mama friend, and she has lots of really cool stuff going on at her blog!
So I sent her an ornament (actually, I sent her 2, cause, well, if you know me, I can’t just stop at one darn thing, I have to go overboard!) and she sent me this AWESOME ornament in exchange! I tried to get a better picture, but Evan has been hiding the ornament in his room, cause he claimed it as his own! It is a SMORE!!!! And the marshmallows are a SNOWMAN!!!!  Love it!
Run on over to Jessie’s blog, and give her some lovin!!!!

5 thoughts on “The Holly Jolly Ornament Exchange!

  1. With a sock monkey! I want it! Evan is right to keep it in his room because you know that whole possession being 9/10ths and stuff….

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