**CLOSED** BabyEtte Ring sling review and giveaway!

When I was pregnant with Gory, I had a lot of problems with my body.  I was pre-ecclamptic, and after birth, I had nerve damage in my lower back and legs.  So after we had worked ourselves into a routine, I was still really having a hard time carrying his hefty weight around.  The kid is really big, and to even pick him out of his crib is a chore.  But, as it happens, being a work from home mom, and a mommy to an active 9 year old as well, I had to keep up with a busy schedule while lugging big boy around.

Enter “babywearing”.  Lots of my “crunchy” mommy friends SWEAR by baby wearing, and do it religiously.  So I went out and got one of those REALLY uncomfortable Infantino things for 15$ at Target.  That lasted until I got home, saw that it only went up to 20 lbs, and returned it immediately.  Carrying Gory was becoming more and more difficult, and I was about not able to take it.  So we splurged, and got an Ergo carrier.  Greg loves it, but me, not so much.  Gory has to look IN all time time, and being a busy body like he is, he needs to SEE everything that is going on around him, and have eye contact to flirt with the ladies!

So, as is natural for me, I went to Etsy.  This is where I found my saving grace, BabyEtte.  I think what first grabbed my attention is that Beth’s profile statement sounded EXACTLY like me.  She LOVES fabric, and is excited to use it as an artistic medium! Perfect, sounds exactly like me! She is also quite local, just one state away in Fort Wayne, IN.  Now, the other thing that sold me on her shop is this statement, which is really, the reason I have resisted slings in the first place:

I feel strongly that a sling should be beautiful. You won’t find licensed characters or juvenile prints here. Your sling is going to cover up most of your outfit (which is good when your shirt has been used as a hanky…I know, it happens) so it should be a style that you would wear anyway.

Your Sling will have the BabyEtte Tag stitched on the inside of the shoulder. That way people will admire you, your baby, and your lovely slingโ€ฆ not the tag. Itโ€™s all about you, my friend!

I am a designer, an artist.  Fabric is my medium, and what I wear showcases that.  Plus, I was really concerned that if I had some loud fabric, with all my tattoos, that I would look like a crayon box had vomited all over me.  This is NOT the case with BabyEtte.  The designs are classic, and simple. The fabrics that she uses are really versatile, and can really be used with a more dressy affair, or just slummin’ around town. 
Now here is the BEST part! BabyEtte was generous enough to send me a Little Black Dress Sling to review for the blog! When I first got the sling in the mail, I was immediately impressed with the actual shipping, and packaging! It came beautifully wrapped, with a handmade, and stitched cardboard sleeve, with a handmade envelope with directions on how to USE the sling! Gory was sleeping, so I fiddled with it a bit in the studio.  And of course, Evan was nosey, and wanted to try it out.  Gory was woken up, and Evan tossed on the sling, and in Gory went! (for those of you that know us well, this should come as no surprise, Evan hearts Gory hardcore). In all actuality, this sling was perfect even for Evan, because I felt a little safer that Evan would not drop Gory while he was in the sling! 
Now it was mama’s turn! I loaded Gory into the sling, and I could immediately tell the difference in my posture, and body! It was like a weight had been lifted off my hips, and placed back where it should have been all along! I love the black cotton design, and at first, I was a bit skeptical about the hole sling idea in general, because I did not want some bulky fabric constricting me, and being all bulky and hot.  This fabric is thin enough to actually BREATHE, but strong enough, that it is sturdy, and holds tight! The stitching on the sling is AMAZING, and if you own one of my bags, you will know that decorative stitching is a love of mine!  It is used on this sling in the most beautiful, subtle way.  The pleating at the top near the rings make it so the sling does not dig into your neck, and it is a comfortable ride! I also love the fact that the tail end of the sling is a little longer, it makes it feel more elegant, and almost sari-like.  Plus, it can double as a snot wiper, drool catcher, or blanket when I am holding the Gory monster! Last weekend I went to the sewing Expo all day, and not only did Gory ride in style in his BabyEtte all day, but I was also writing down the BabyEtte website for lots of mamas and daddys at the show.  Those of you that have ever been to a sewing expo know that industry insiders KNOW a well made item when they see it, no matter WHAT it is, but I had seamstresses at the top of the field marveling over the craftsmanship on this sling! Made me feel pretty darn good!

Now, on to the coolest thing! Not only did BabyEtte give me one of their awesome slings to try out and tell you all about, but they are GIVING AWAY a Baby Basics sling to one of my lucky readers! I am also pretty excited about this, because I want to share the BabyEtte love!
How to enter:
Your first entry (this is mandatory) is to go to BabyEtte’s shop.  Tell me what item that you LOVE from their shop, and heart the shop (my personal favorite right now is this amazing Italian Fashionista Wrap Baby Carrier) come back, and tell me what YOUR favorite is, and your Etsy name, with your e-mail so I can contact you!

Other ways to enter (must be a separate comment for each entry):

Follow BabyEtte on Twitter
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Grab my blog button, and link me where to find it 
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Win a gorgeous @BabyEtteEtsy baby basics sling from @BrookeVanGory #giveaway #babywearing #etsy http://bit.ly/2OFb9L
This giveaway will end November 30th at 8pm cst.  Any entries after that time will be invalid.  Winner will have 48 hours to respond, or another winner will be chosen.
Thank you to BabyEtte and Beth for letting me review this amazing sling, and for sponsoring this giveaway!


147 thoughts on “**CLOSED** BabyEtte Ring sling review and giveaway!

  1. i really love the ring slings. the pleated part of them looks so beautiful and they are priced really well i like the team spirit and little black dress colors. I hearted her store and my username is thelightsgodown. my email address is jaimevanaken at gmail dot com

  2. DangI guess I might not be first *pout*Come one Random Number Generator! *feeds cookies*I follow your blog!

  3. love the LBD sling also- and i love that pleated detail! beautiful.brookiellen on etsybrookiellendesigns at gmail dot com

  4. I really like the Babywearing Poncho's. I added to my faves on Etsy (That's hearting right?) SnKmommy.j.mcdilda(@)gmail.com

  5. Following on twitter and tweetedhttp://twitter.com/GiveawayFiend/status/6011408103Username: giveawayfiendR.BrandtFisher(at)gmail.com

  6. Love the Cocoa Brown baby basics sling! And also the Golden Moss Green Silk Pleated Baby Ring Sling! I heart the shop! Etsy name: emmyloucottones1237 at gmail dot com

  7. My fave from the site is the Italian Fashionista Green and Brown Wrap Baby Carrier but the runner up is the So Cloche Fleece Flapper Hat Cream with Red FlowerEtsy: moonpiecreationsemail: chaotickristy @gmail.com

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