Gory’s Etsy Wish List

People have been askikng me what Gory wants from Etsy under the tree this Christmas.  Evan is a bit harder to shop for, because aside from The Amazing Tape Bubba and his awesome gaffer tape wallets, teenage boys are a hard sell on the DIY market.  But babies?  Oh, babies are another story. So let me get started.

First is one of these upcycled wool buddies (I think Gory wants the monkey) from Jorgan Jamber.  Who canRESIST that face, OR those fabrics?!?!

Next up is this amazing wipeable bib in Regent Skulls from EvelynKate.  Gory’s buddy Zavrey has one, and Gory wants one, too!  And the design is amazing! Nice coverage! He would need a 24 month size, though, since he is such a big boy!
Gory has been drooling over this I Pity The Drool Mr. T shirt from bambinamia for some time now, so this being under the tree would be amazing!He would need it in a 2T tee shirt, though, since onsies make his cloth diapers sometimes compress, and Mr. T is NOT down with leaks, doncha know….

This Rock Star pocket diaper from our friends over at Monkey Snuggles Diapers is amazing, and since Gory thinks he is a rock star, well……that makes it all the more perfect!

This Walnut block set from our favorite toy shop on Etsy, Eco Ayris is amazing, and mommy has been stalking a set for some time now.  All their items are BEAUTIFUL!
Of course, since Gory is already Rocker Bye Baby’s biggest baby fan, and has tons of their swag, how could we not include them on our wish list?  Gory DOES need a bit of a bigger blankie then he currently has, though, so if we get him one, we just need to tell Amber it needs to be “Gory sized” she knows how big that is! How about this print, with minkey on the back?!!??!  TO DIE for!

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