Welcome To Dingo Girl’s Den

I have a beautiful friend names Jolene.  She lives in Georgia, and she makes some of the most amazing artwork out of fabric that I have ever laid eyes on.  She is simply amazing, and I wanted a chance to share her work with all of my readers.

She runs a shop on Etsy called Dingo Girl’s Den, and her most recent line was the perfect reason for me to do a blog feature on her shop.  Her new line is the Woodland Acorns series, and it features creatures made of different textiles and textures of fabric, yarn, thread, and notions.  The two up in her shop now are Blueberry and Cocoa, and I think they would make a wonderful addition to ANY child’s stuffie collection.  Can you imagine your little one’s face if they ran to the tree on Christmas morning and say this little guy peeking out from under the branches?

I currently own only one item for Jolene’s (a skully man pillow that Gory is OBSESSED WITH) but I have in the past collaborated with Jolene to create a purse for my Grandmother’s birthday that is simply amazing.  She shows it off everywhere she goes! I actually had to write down the shop address for her to carry in the purse so she could direct people to Dingo Girl’s Den!

Jolene has so many cool little creatures in her shop, and aside from Blueberry and Cocoa, I think this snail has got to be hands down my favorite! Look at the amazing colors! Jolene is no ordinary seamstress, she is full on textile artist!

So, head on over to Dingo Girl’s Den, and check them out! 

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Dingo Girl’s Den

  1. Her pieces are amazing indeed!I've got Sprinkled Cupcakes for Anya for Christmas, and of the two new ones she has just listed, I'm wondering if I shouldn't also get the Lambie!!

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