I have been blogged, featured, and given away! OH MY!

These past few days have been a whirlwind over here! Not only has Gory been getting a ton better, but the shop has been on a promo train! whoot whoot! SO let me do a little re-cap before I head back to my sweatshop!

My girl Andreanna over at Glamasaurus blogged about the green zombie leopard tee she bought for Izzy! Plus, I am a little jealous, because Izzy has a new ball pit.  I WANT A BALL PIT! **pout** You can see her Blogasaurus here!

Then, she ALSO did a piece at Cuteable about what she is loving on Etsy at the moment, and seriously, I was included with some of MY favorite sellers, Rocky The Zombie, Rocker Bye Baby, AND Apple Noggin! You can see that post over at Cuteable.  And let me warn you, THAT blog is ADDICTIVE!
I also have some of my items being featured in some reviews and giveaways this week!  Nancy over at Diapers and Dimples reviewed my Girly Zebra Longies set, and is having a giveaway for a free set of zebra or leopard longies and a tee! You can see Nancy and her CUTE gal Emma at Diapers and Dimples!

And then we have my friend Megan over at Newly Wed Newly Bred that not only reviewed the MOST rad diaper bag and wet bag combo I made for her….but she is having a giveaway for a CUSTOM SET!!!!!  Seriously.  I do not lie.  This is BIG STUFF PEOPLE!  Huge giveaways this month!  Just in time for Christmas! So go jump in on the giveaway at Newly Wed Newly Bred!

Also, this past week, I was lucky enough to be featured on one of my favorite sites, Offbeat Mama (run by Ariel Meadows Stallings of Offbeat Bride fame) with my review of the Eco Ayris teethers! You can check it out here, this site is a great place for “different” mommies and daddies to hang out!

We should have the new website up and running soon, courtesy of Greg, who effed up real bad this weekend, so he is trying to work his behind out of the doghouse.  Little does he know that his doghouse days will NOT be over with the launch of the site, but I am not telling HIM that. 😉

6 thoughts on “I have been blogged, featured, and given away! OH MY!

  1. WOOOOHOOOO!!More than well deserved exposure!! The shop needs to get bigger (and you'll need to get a babysitter then!).Now, take care of your back and get some REST!

  2. We should just get a giant room and fill it up with ball pit balls so we can all swim around in it. Yesterday Izzy and I hid in the ball pit and sneak attacked Sandro.

  3. Geesh you sound like me! Crazy here toooo!!! But good crazy ;)On another note… the boys had a rfance ball bit and it popped… I went to target clearance and got a tiny baby pool for $3 and filled it with balls… good as new… super cheap… super functional 😉

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