Remember how I told you all that I had some ultra-rad reviews and giveaways coming up. and how some of them would be from some awesome DIY friends that many of you had not heard of? Well, here is our first one, and MAN is this one cool!

I met Kim ages ago (what has it been, almost 4 years or so….) on a craft board. Then she jumped into Crafting Under The Influence with me when I concocted that Titanic of a board, and she found her resting place as a moderator at one of my favorite crafty haunts, DIYScene! Through all of this, we both opened our Etsy shops, and we both were fledglings at this whole new and exciting DIY business stuff.

And MAN has she done an awesome job! In her earlier days, she was creating some rockin’ baby blankets and accessories (Gory has a TON!) and now she is creating some of the most spectacular rockabilly clothing on the internet! Her style is really unique, and she is an awesome seamstress, with fantastic skills, and a flair for really spectacular design.

But this review is not about her amazing clothing, or baby blankets. Nope. Not at all. It is about Kim’s MONSTERS! Sock monsters to be exact. I currently own 4 of them, and want more. I actually want a whole damn sock monster army. Cause I am convinced they will help me take over the world. Or at least we would have fun trying! πŸ˜‰ She has been selling these little guys in her Etsy shop for a few years now, and they became so popular, they now have their OWN Etsy shop! So of course, as soon as I found out, there was no question in my mind that I was going to tell you all about it!

Now, be forewarned, these little buggers can be quite mischievous. They can be downright ROTTEN! They steal your beer, unwind your thread bobbins, chase your cat, get into your fabric stash, and are BAD boys. Cindy of AngryGirl Gear came home one night to this:

Well, Cindy’s monster may hit the juice a little hard, but we love our sock monsters over here!  So much in fact, that I even bought a ton of them for my wedding last May and gave them as gifts to my bridal party!
And Gory loves them, too! They are the perfect size for his little hands, and they are WAY lightweight, so it is easy for him to swing around.  I would be hard pressed to say there is not a day that goes by that those sock monsters are not playing with little man! If you let Kim know, she will even replace their button eyes for soft baby-safe eyes! We have buttons for our eyes, but that is cause Gory is never unsupervised with his monsters (you never know WHAT wild rumpus would start!!!!)
We play hide-and seek with them:
We read to them:

We even  smack their bottoms when they get out of line! :

So we begged Kim to let us tell you all about the sock monsters, and she did one better then that!  She is giving away an awesome sock monster to one lucky reader!  This would make a perfect stocking stuffer, or gift for anyone, small or big! 
This is the sock monster that is waiting for his new home, will he be travelling to your doorstep?

Here is how you can win, the first entry is mandatory.  Head on over to Poisoned Monsters, and let us know what you love MOST about Kim’s amazing creations!  Hop back over here, and leave a comment, with your e-mail address.  Easy as that!
Additional entries are as follows (leave a comment for each one)
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The contest will end on November 12 at 8pm.  Winner will be notified by e-mail, and will have 24 hours to respond, or a new winner will be chosen.  Winner will be picked randomly by
Good luck!


  1. I love the fun colors and how unique they are. I am not a fan of the same ol' stuffed animals so these are very cool.laurenisrocknroll at hotmail dot com

  2. I have 2 of Kims monsters and we LOVE them! We have a Jack one and a Neon skulls one… both with the baby safe eyes πŸ™‚ Kim Rocks My "socks" get it… haha

  3. These things are AWESOME! I love the patterns and colors. I just LOVE them!!! LOVE THEM!!!! Especially the Minx the Sock Monster. nancy at 513ventures dot com

  4. And I've just tweeted about the giveaway, though I don't know how to link to my tweet!The cool thing, it was my 2000th tweet!!

  5. I really love all of them but I think the Jack Skellington one is my favorite one right now. };)

  6. oh my goodness we NEED some sock monsters!!! :DDot needs MinxT needs ZozoD needs Light BrightZ needs Static& of course R needs Maverickthese are sooooo cute!

  7. I love how unique they are but this is my favorite!! – Maverick!!So cute and deff unique!! GREAT work!! Thanks SO much for the chance to win!!

  8. I love everything about Poisoned Monsters! I think my nephew definitely needs one!My favorite is Jack, of course!I tweetededed as wel!!kythecaligirl [at] gmail dot com

  9. i am a fan and follower of all the sites…. I twittered adn posted on FB ab out it!

  10. I just found out about Kim's sock monsters today, and I think I'm in love! I really like how each one has a definely unique personality – the use of bright colors and other little accessories is very creative and striking. Minx is my current favorite; I'm a sucker for punky girls. :D~

  11. *Commencing Collection of Concertina Comments* (YAY for alliteration!!!)1) The thing I love most about Kim's monsters (because I can't pick ONE to love more that any other) is their eyes. They are so delightfully googly it makes me giggle.

  12. I, of course, follow you! And I am so public about it I make people blush. (Ok, not really…but I do love your blog.)

  13. You KNOW I follow you on Twitter…cos that's where I get to talk to you most of the time! <3(I feel like I"m being creepy with all these comment posts…even though that's how you enter…hehe.)

  14. I looooove all the colors and prints! And I especially love how they all have their individual personalities and little stories! Super creative!! And that tutu monster (Minx) to die for!!!! <3alter_eco@hotmail.comFollowing both your blogs publicly πŸ™‚ Have been for a while.Following you both on twitter, again have been for a while :)fan of both your facebook pages :)And now I'm off to tweet about this amazing giveaway!! ^_^

  15. I love the overall quirkiness of her creation. It's official, we don't need Barbies, but we need sock monsters <3^brb drooling.darkntwisty at hellokitty dot com

  16. Followed her blog (connection was reset as I sent the last one, if this is duplicate please delete)darkntwisty at hellokitty dot com

  17. These are FUN! I like Jack Skellington the Sock Monster best, but I appreciate how much time and love go into these! πŸ™‚

  18. Ella saw these this morn and is totally fascinated (she's 3). She wants the pink one because "it's so pretty." I think the button eyes are so fun and love the bright colors.

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