Sick house and my love/hate for Bum Genius.

Well, it happened.  The SICK hit this house, full force.  Poor Gory Pants is sick as a dog, and did not sleep the past 2 nights.  Now I am sick too, great.  And to top is all off, Monkey had no school today, so he was home in our germ-infested house, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that he stays well.

This brings me to a point that I have actually been meaning to blog about for some time now, and Gory’s explosive diarrhea these past 48 hours have REMINDED me of the situation.  The poop in the Bum Genius 3.0 pocket diapers disaster.  Yep, that is right.  Those Bum Genius diapers that we love so much around here are a big fail for some reason when confronted with poop.  Of ANY magnitude.

The thing I think I laugh about most when it comes to cloth diapering, is how all of the manufacturers tell you to “knock the solids into the toilet”.  KNOCK THEM OFF?!?!?  How about swirl them around in the pot, then resort to spraying the poop off with the heavy massage setting on the shower head?  That there is the ticket!  Gory’s messy behind does NOT constitute for knocking of ANYTHING into a toilet.  What a joke.  And the fact that he almost exclusively poops while slamming around in his exersaucer does not make the situation any easier.

The problem we have is the design of the Bum Genius.  Gory’s poop TRAVELS.  Yep, the amazing travelling poop, it travels straight up the back crack, to the elastic.  I can honestly say that we have never had a blow out with cloth diapers, but the problem is that the Bum Genius have this envelope flap thing at the top of the back of the diaper, to “cover the pocket hole”.  Really, all this flap does is forces his poop back down into the pocket, covering the insert.  If I had a dollar for every time I have had to invert a Bum Genius inside out to spray stray poop off the PUL I would be in Jamaica with the money right now!  It is so annoying, and a really bad design, on an other wise great diaper!  We LOVE them for overnights, and refuse to use anything else for that, but I am scared to use them for during the day now that I have had actual diarrhea in the insides of these diapers!  Traumatized does not even begin to explain my state of mind right now.

I am wondering if any other cloth diaper moms have this same problem?  I love my pocket diapers, and would not trade them for the world.  But there is not this broblem with my Fuzzi Bunz, Tuny Tush, or any of the WHAM diapers I use….ONLY the BG 3.0!!!  I so do not want to void my warrenty on these, but I am about ready to slap some aplix in there to keep it CLOSED!!!!!!  Hidden insert opening my left toe, it is a poop scoop!


13 thoughts on “Sick house and my love/hate for Bum Genius.

  1. Oh no! I've not had this issue with any of our dipes, we don't have any BG though either.I wouldn't worry too much about spraying it too well. Sophia is almost 10 months old, and we rarely bother with getting anything out. The washer will get it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I've never had this issue with Bum Genius, but I can imagine that jumping and pooping would do something to make it worse.Does your baby poop on a schedule yet? I try to have my son in an AIO for when I think he might poop, but I also try getting him to poop on the potty (since he was 6 months, he is 11 months now) when I know he has to. He pees on the potty more than poops, but it is worth a shot.

  3. ive never used a pocket diaper so I am no help (we use only prefolds/covers)…but I hope you guys all get better very very soon!!!

  4. I've not had this issue yet. M's poops get pretty bodacious some times, but they've never actually traveled back down inside of the diaper to the insert. I can only imagine what my "anti"cloth diaper husband would say. He's slowly coming around but will put M in a disposable if it's been a while since he pooped. That's counter-productive in my opinion, since he ALWAYS blows out of the sposies & never has with his cloth (not even prefolds!)Not sure what to say as far as advice, but man, the mental image made me laugh.

  5. I have not had to deal with diarrhea in the BG 3.0 yet. I have actually loved how my guy's poop seems to stop at the top and has never creeped out. But I can definitely see how this would happen with runnier stuff. Ugh. I feel your pain. This seems like a good time for a fitted diaper inside a cover to me. Those suckers are a bit snugger on my guy.

  6. I am thinking a cover and prefold might be in order. Gory IS on a schedule, but that all flew out the window with this diarrhea. Meh. SO much for the 10:00 poop!

  7. Yeah, I am SOOOO gonna yank out my uterus, just as soon as I finish typing this.I hope you all get to feeling better soon ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. This is because of a propritary design thing. If you delve into the patents related to cloth diapering, Fuzzy bunz came first. They patented the type of opening they use, elastic on the PUL with the fleece open in the back. There have actually been lawsuits from FB to other companies due to patent infringement. The only reason many WAHM's get away with it is becasue they have either 1)not been detected and are small enough that FB isn't interested, or 2)have an agreement with FB to allow this. Anyways, BG, wanting to be BIG in the cloth diaper market, decided to do something different. Well, their different is, as you so elequently put it, a poop scoop. Meh. BG has other issues in addition to this. Awful aplix, especially on older versions, wicking side tabs, etc. That is why we only have 1.

  9. We have a few BGs from version 1.0 to 3.0-and I like the first ones the best.We don't have a problem with a poop scoop-Eli's 2 and hasn't had diarrhea in forever (now that I type this he'll get sick tomorrow). And thankfully for little boys their junk kinda dams the poop to the back half (most of the time). I usually just shake, wipe with a bit of t.p. and let the washer do the rest… Our problem is that I have to stuff 4(!) inserts in them at night to hold anything and then it's so full that his pjs can touch the inner layer (from being so stuffed) and then we get wicking all. the. time. We've resorted to either a GM or a mama made fitted with a doubler and a fleece liner at night with a PUL cover. No leaks since!

  10. I, too, have experienced the floating poop. And Bum Genius are the worst for getting it all down the pocket! BARF!! And what is worse, when you are spraying it (get yourself a diaper sprayer, sister! I'm talking POWER!) that little "no leak" edge on the front of the diaper just holds in all the liquid so you pretty much HAVE to hold it fleece-side-to-the-potty to get all the water n' stuff out! Such a pain. As for night – I put a microfiber sandwiched between two help inserts and Cameron still sops them down. But no leaks! LOL

  11. I also hate the aplix, they suck for when Cameron drags herself around on the floor if she is having naked-baby time. It collects hair, lint, all kinds of grossness. BUT – they work great for nap/bedtime so they get to stay. ๐Ÿ˜›

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